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Hi :)
Post # 1
I am new to Spells of Magic, so let me introduce myself for a moment and not take up much of your time.

I am a Theistic Satanist and it takes up most of my life outside of being social. Im not really social, im more reclusive than anything so you can just imagine how much time and effort I put into increasing my knowledge and expanding my horizons.

No, im not an expert on anything but I can tell you a little about everything. That's one thing I have learned, you'll never be an expert be an expert because an expert knows everything about a topic and by the time you stop learning about the occult your dead in some way or another. So my advice, learn something everyday or its a day wasted.

Anyways, how I came to the occult was where this story should have began. I came to the occult when I was 13. I asked my brother so many questions about what he does and he would always say "When your old enough." The day I turned 13 he gave me Gerald Buckland's book The complete guide to witchcraft and said "If you want to know read it, if you dont then dont read the book." Ever since I started reading that book, i've had a burning passion to learn more about the occult.

If you have more questions please just message me.
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Re: Hi :)
Post # 2
Greetings, the path to knowledge is long and winding. Enjoy every second of it.
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Re: Hi :)
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Welcome. It's always nice to see people who take their practice seriously and I hope you get everything you want from the site. I look forward to hearing some of the contributions you may bring over time as well :)
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Re: Hi :)
Post # 4
I need to make a correction as to what book it was, Raymond Buckland's Complete guide to witchcraft.
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