angry friend?

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angry friend?
Post # 1
hi, my friend is mad at me i want to talk to her and apologize but she doesnt want to, what should i do? a want to make our relationship as good as i used to be... any spell? thanks
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Re: angry friend?
Post # 2
I would say respect her. Casting a spell to make her forgive you shows that you don't respect her as a person. Best thing to do might be right her a note to appologize, than leave her alone.
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Re: angry friend?
Post # 3
Apolgize for your reason. And make her laugh till she forgets the anger in you. Laughter gives a good way to make somethings to forget. Make her happy. Using spells for small reasons is not the way of Magick. You use spell when you are in a situation where there is no way to control that situation. Have you once tried to talk to her or convinced her? No you didn't instead you came for help in spells. First do what you got to do as everyone does in a normal relationship? If you failed find a Plan B? If you don't have any go to spells. That's the way you use Magick.
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Re: angry friend?
Post # 4

I wouldn't use a spell to bring back a friendship. It is kind of like this: Love is natural-if not, love is not love. Some how get the chance to talk to her. If she still wont let you, force her to in a friendly way. I agree that you should make her laugh somehow.

But you are still friends, no matter how many fights you have had. Me and my friend looked back and made fun of our fights. We don't get so mad; we are happy people.

But it all depends on why you had the fight. Well it doesnt, but it might help more. So you can think of some good apologies. But I can help you more if you say what you fought about.

You don't have to tell me--or us--it may seem a little personal. But think about you and your friend. I wouldnt get magic involved. Like I said, I look back at my fights with my friend as a joke.

You should too, it will lighten up your mood.

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