Antique German Tarot Card

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> Antique German Tarot Card

Antique German Tarot Card
Post # 1
Anyone ever seen these before? looking to buy them and it ends tomorrow just hoped for some more info to go off of? thanks
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Re: Antique German Tarot Card
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I saw the card on your link and I have to say they do looked old and used. The sad thing is, is that they are based of the playing cards you play poker with. It is true that you can using the playing cards as a little tarot deck, but to my believe they are not that will built for good readings. Lack of picture, lack of image, and the lack to tell a story with them. But with this one it still has some pictures so it can be used well like any other deck.

The title says it is from Germany. The problem with this is that it will be in a different language which will make it harder for you to read the manual or little white book (each tarot deck is different from each other, either by slightly or by largely). But the words in the book are in English so it makes me worry if it really is from Germany or if someone copied the cards by making a abridge version.

Another issue is that I do not see a date of which it was made. So I cannot be sure if it is really an old deck or a really used deck. But I can tell you this, way back then Gypsies would make their own deck by drawing each card. This gave them a stronger connection to their decks than trading it off of someone. In fact, Gypsies were the people that spread the cards of Tarot to Europe from China. This deck however looked like it was printed on than drawn with paint or pencil. So it isn't very old, maybe in the 1940-1970's.

One last note to give, when buying a deck it is best to go for a new one. A used one may not work the way you want it because it is used to their old masters touch. There are ways to clear this effect, but if it is indeed old than you will need to find a strong way to clear it away and refresh it. It is all up to you but my tip is, they are more for show behind a display case.
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Re: Antique German Tarot Card
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Just finished looking at them and I personally like them but the problem is they seem too fragile. I have bought used decks before and they work just as fine but in this case I'll be a bit wary.
If you're interested in this type of deck I'll recommend:

French Cartomancy MINI
Ancient Italian Tarot
Ancient Tarot of Lombardy
Tarot of the Master
Mlle Lenormand Cartomancy Deck of 36 Cards
Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards

Honestly just buy a tarot deck that you feel connected with. Don't just buy them cause they're antique, ancient, old, or new. In my opinion, I feel that buying a tarot deck is a personal journey because it is like finding a lost friend as well as you are going to work with them. So just keep browsing and don't give up. For more information on tarot cards go to this website.
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