The Journey Through Mind

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The Journey Through Mind
Post # 1
Opening up my mind to the depths that it has to offer is a never ending journey. Every day I bring in the experiences life has to offer. I find myself closing my eyes and embracing the flow of energy through me. It is an ever moving current. I allow my thoughts to flow in and out. It is as though a play is brought before my closed eyes or a dance across a stage. Oh how this amuses me. I allow myself to fall even deeper into myself. I want to let the knowledge speak in the whisper I hold dear. Telling me truth as it passes by my soul. Oh how my senses touch what is not tangible. The journey fills me with warmth, and yet there is such a chill in the air. how I feel thee. Truth, happiness, joy. And yet... How life is such a balance. Showing me why the good and the bad play with each other. Allowing all that I have witnessed to stay hold. In the distant past I once let fear consume me. To me, I have learned that even dark emotions such as this teach us lessons in life. I am not weak for going through the shadows, but ever stronger because of it. I once felt lost, so far away from the light of this world and the next, but the truth is that I am never far from what keeps me grounded. It is only in how I perceive my path that dictates whether it is deemed "good" or "bad". That is what guides me. To learn to not allow myself to get caught up in what I have been told. Life is an experience I choose to see all sides of. I do not wish to walk a boring path, but one with extreme passion. My will is to see past the vision that is set before us. Things can be so complex and yet simple all at once. I embrace a journey set out to understand a never ending knowledge. Deeper in myself is where I have laid my foundation.
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Re: The Journey Through Mind
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
It takes bravery to free yourself from judgment ,fear and slavery .It takes a spirit to undertake a journey and actually learn from it .And it takes a both to actually go to the point to reveal it in public and be prepared to face hatred or love .
Such a revleation is not something that we read everyday .
You deserve respect for doing so in my own eyes at least .
Blessed be .:)
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