Spirit animals

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Spirit animals
Post # 1
i was wondering does your spirit animal have anything to do with what type of magic your are good at Ex. if you have a spirit animal that represents healing would the magic your good at be healing
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Re: Spirit animals
Post # 2

I wouldn't say it does, but then again I could be wrong. I find that spirit animals tend to be more like spirit guides. Shamans would have them accompany them to keep them self and help them retrieve information. So they're more or less guides, considering a spirit guide/animal can be practically anything.

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Re: Spirit animals
Post # 3
I agree with Hexen that spirit animals are guides that help us on our path. It is more likely than not that you will have multiple spirit animals help you in your life time, and each one of them help you with something different.
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Re: Spirit animals
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
The particular medicine that your spirit animal has will be most probably in synchronity with your own natural medicine .Spirits choose us by compatibility .You can work with certain medicines and some are not natural to you so you would struggle with them .
So for example if you are a healer and you love healing there is a big chance that your vibration attracts spirits with alike vibrations .Examples of such totem animals are snake and bear .I speak here for your main spirit animal ,who follows you through your entire life not to be mistaken with the journey ones .Journey ones comes to lend us and teach us thier medicine so we can go through some ruff patch on our journey .
Your main totem is sort of your vibrational energetical identity put into animal form .This allows you to forge strong bound ,almost as if you are two alike energies but put in different types of shapes .
If for example i have to work with cat spirit i will be in struggle and the spirit will be in struggle ,because our medicines are absolutely opposites and not compatible ,so we will not forge a bound but rather some weird sort of fiasko .
Your magic reflects and manifest who you are and same is valid for the medicine which your animal spirit has .
If we speak in general of spirit guides and guardians that is valid for them too .You will be given or attract spirits which are able to work with you .It is pointless to try to work hard in cooperation with a spirit that can not stand you and you can not stand it .It will have the same effect as to try to drive chariot driven by two horses and each horse is going in different direction .This will simply not work and either the spirit or either the human must move away from so usless teammate .
It is common misconception that we pick your guides and helpers .
The truth is they come along when we are ready .If let say you think tyger is the coolest spirit of all and you are enough cool to have it ,does not mean that the tyger spirit itself is impressed or eager to respond .On side note spirit animals are more of guardian spirits they keep you safe in your inner or otherwordly journeys .Of course they also can teach you for their own medicine and ways ,but guiding is less accented in their nature .
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Re: Spirit animals
Post # 5
i personally havent found my spirit animal yet but i was curious about that
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Re: Spirit animals
Post # 6
I am half Cherokee Indian and I my spirit animal is a cat I have a close ties with cat telepathically
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