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Elementals teacher
Post # 1
I would like to be tought the elements and I need a teacher for it
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Re: Elementals teacher
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
The best teachers you can find are elementals themselves .Open your hearth and your eyes and start observing and sensing them ,they are always around ,but we develop desire to see them only for our own personal gain .No human knows elementals better than themselves ,some things need to be felt and experienced not simply told from another point of view .
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Re: Elementals teacher
Post # 3

I agree with Art on this one.

If you wish to learn working with the elements and using the elemental energy they obtain, one common way to do that is to meditate and try to feel yourself immersed in and filled with each one. If the element you wish to work with is fire, then meditate/relax, and then imagine yourself being filled with fire but not being harmed. Try to feel this strongly. 'Feeling' the physical sensation of each element with your whole body is the most important sensation here - it's not just mental visualization. Try to include smells and tastes (until you can almost smell and taste them mentally) as well as the usual mental imagery. In the case of fire, you might even pretend to inhale the fire into your body to get a good feel for it. Do this often until you can feel yourself filled with each energy type easily.

It is recommended that much time be spent meditating and balancing/purifying the self with each element. Once you are able to 'power up' with an energy, then you can begin to work with very basic methods of putting it to use. Example: If you wished to charge or purify an object or talisman with Water, you would 'power up' with or 'inhale' elemental water, and then 'exhale' or direct it at the object with the intention of either purifying or charging it with that energy type. This is the most basic method of utilizing elemental energy. Use your imagination for the rest.

Lets not forget that you need to know basic forms of energy manipulation before attempting to channel and manipulate elemental energy.

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Re: Elementals teacher
Post # 4
Thank you for info. I'm completely new to this. How do I find info on "basic forms of energy manipulation"?
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Re: Elementals teacher
Post # 5
There are many traditions that delve quite deep into this. You just have to go with the one that seems right for you. After you understand the fundamentals of energy manipulation and can create orbs "on the fly," you can then go into elemental understanding. Some master all the elements, there are 5, some traditions do 6. As for elemental mastery, you need to make contact with an elemental and learn from them - they tend to make the best teachers. If you are worthy, and elemental will approach you not the other way around.
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