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Forums -> Misc Topics -> spirits?

Post # 1
I was at my friends birthday party the other day and the party was being held in her garage. While everyone was chatting i felt something rub against my leg, i looked down and saw a black cat it then ran under the table. When i asked the birthday girl why a cat was in here she looked at me like i was crazy and said she didnt have a cat . All the doors were closed so a cat couldnt have come in or left. I asked the others and only one other person had seen a black cat run under the table. What exactly did i see?? Thanks for takijng the time to read this and help :)
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Re: spirits?
Post # 2
You know , it is most likely just a regular black cat , nothing more .

Cats can be quite agile and quick . It is highly possible that it entered when the door was open at that particular time or perhaps it even climbed in through some ledge near the window.

I myself live on the 9th floor of my apartment and have even seen a stray cat iin my house it got there , I do not know myself =|
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Re: spirits?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
could of just been a stray cat, did you look for it at all?

mind you, animals can be spirits. i had a cat who died, and for years i could sense him. when he was alive every night at 1 he'd come into my room, jump onto my bed and curl up at the foot of it. after his death, at 1 i could hear my cat walk into my room [he always purred really loud, and my other cat never purred] then i would feel something jump onto my bed and walk back to that spot and lie down. sometimes when i moved my legs i felt like something was stopping them. i'd turn on the lights the first couple nights this happened, and there was nothing there, but there was an indent that looked like my cat was lying down [or had been] same thing happened with my dog some times, i could feel him beside me.

so yes, it is possible for you to of see an apparition of a cats spirit, but it's more likely it snuck in. it's a garage, and with people coming and going at a party, and it starting to get cold outside, i could of snuck in when the door was open or there could be a hole somewhere. if this continues, like you keep bumping into a random black cat that vanishes, could be a spirit that's attached to you, but you'd need more occurrences before we could draw that conclusion.
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Re: spirits?
Post # 4
after i saw it i did look for it and even if a cat did manage to get in there, there want a way to get out or a place to hide. I forgot to mention that it was shaped like a cat, ears, tail etc but it was like it was a black shadow or outline of a cat.
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