Help i don't know nothing

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Help i don't know nothing

Help i don't know nothing
Post # 1
Please help me undo a nothing spell that i am under what is the secret formula please help undo this skinny spell.
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Re: Help i don't know nothing
Post # 2
What do you mean by a "nothing spell"?
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Re: Help i don't know nothing
Post # 3
It was a spell that is wicked some black magick from very dark forces.i think i know a spell to get rid of it only time will tell.
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Re: Help i don't know nothing
By: / Novice
Post # 4
a cleansing works. not sure about this spell, but you should have a sea salt bath, and cleanse your house with some type of purification brew and sage smudge. after this, put a protection spell on yourself and your home, and carry around a protection charm. you could also use a reverse spell, that should send the curse back at whoever cast it. i've seen a couple of them up here so look for it.

while doing the cleansing [on yourself and your home] be sure to visualize well. see with each stroke [while cleaning] darkness being washed off and a bright white light taking it's place. when you are done with the cleansing, visualize a bright white ball of light surrounding you and your home. you should visualize this shield every time you meditate just to strengthen it, and around your home when you feel it needs it. [i'd say once a month] as well, try to make it a point to do a cleansing ritual for your home at least once a year.

for the cleansing of the home, try mixing lemon juice, sea salt, water and rosemary together [you can add some cleanser if you want, i'd use a green product] be sure all your windows and doors are open while you do this, and be sure to wash the door and window frames in your house too with the mix. say a chant, or think 'get out' or something like that, and again visualize. i've been taught when you're sweeping/mopping/vacuuming the room to start from the middle of the room and work your way so you force negative energy out and not in. [side note, if your place is carpeted, sprinkle some sea salt with baking soda and vacuum it up, does the same thing] finish off with the sage smudge, focus in corners and closets in rooms and negative energy tends to hide in them. once done in the room, shut the windows and doors [if they lead outside] so the energy can't come back in.

the charm you can make yourself [again, there's plenty on the site to choose from] or you could go to a church or wherever to get one if you feel it would work better.
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Re: Help i don't know nothing
Post # 5

Dear Sir

If i spell on my bully, will he know it
by consulting a high powerful witch?

please advise
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