Psychic Vampires

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Psychic Vampires
Post # 1
Just a little information here... a pshchic vampire is just like any other person, but has energy issues. We are not the vampires you see on TV. We take energy from outside sources. We are nothing more than normal people with energy issues. So please don't mistake us for what you see on TV and in the movies. That stuff is fake. We are real.

Re: Psychic Vampires
Post # 2
Hear hear! I have only been on the site for a short while and I have already gotten dozens of people wanting me to "bite and turn" them. As much as I like watching Vampire Diaries, that is just unrealistic.

Re: Psychic Vampires
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Indeed. You're born a Vampire or you're not. You might as well consider it a blessings if not.

Re: Psychic Vampires
Post # 4
Hey guys topic from vampire diaries.... read or watch what they do to become vampire and then google "Frederick Griffiths experiment" its totally same
comment if u do this

Re: Psychic Vampires
Post # 5
Energy - Water - Blood - Emotional - Mem Tamas - Yin - Belly

Re: Psychic Vampires
Post # 6

Yep, nice.

Vampirism is a spiritual disorder in which a person's spiritual body cannot produce or otherwise supply enough energy for the person to thrive. They do not typically get damaged, just have extremely poor health, when cut off from their feeding source.

It is neither a virus nor genetic. It seems to be something you are born with, though most people report "awakening" to it near puberty. Vampirism itself is caused by not being able to produce enough spiritual energy to thrive upon (explanations for what that happens varies). This low energy makes psychic vampires very sensitive to energy and will generally experience fatigue and pain from lack of feeding or from energy sources too harsh for them.

The word 'vampire' is given to such people who are basically suffering from energetic disorder in a metaphorical value. This basically gives us a better understanding of the term by giving us a simple metaphor which we can all easily understand. People have to use their minds, that's all.

To say it very shortly and not make these long, these are people who suffer from a spiritual disorder. That's all.

Re: Psychic Vampires
Post # 7
Missd I agree... they probably do that because of either a lack of knowledge or a lack of understanding what we are. They think we're what's on TV and we're not... people watch that stuff too much... :/

Re: Psychic Vampires
Post # 8
So let me get this right your willing to believe in energy vampires yet refuse to believe in sanguine (blood) vampires?
How weird.

Re: Psychic Vampires
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 9

Vampires are not real. You can not become one. Acknowledge this and then let it go......

Psi vamps: I will say this again a psi vamp is just a lazy human magical practitioner who doesn't want to learn how to tap into the universal energies all around. Human energy is the easiest thing for another human to tap into. Those who learn to tap the universal energies learn that you can't drink the ocean dry.

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