Lost in Daze

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Lost in Daze
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
So you just started to look at spells and the craft. Wither it be Pagan, Wiccan, Hoodoo, Wicca Christian, or others you may be lost on what to learn first. Normally beginners will try their hand at spell work before anything else, if not than read up on some stuff than try it out. Only to come to the conclusion that spells do not work because they didn't wait long enough, did it wrong, or just did it without understanding what it really does.
Spells take time for them to work. There are always steps to take in order to do something. The bigger the task, the longer it will take. For example, if you do a wish spell to change the name of your street than it will take quite some time before that happens. But if you cast one to get donuts than it may happen within two hours or so. (Wish spell is just an example)
Spells take a certain degree of patience. Some will rush it without practice or because they want to see the outcome right away. Because it is rushed they may miss an important step or ruin something and try to do a quick fix on it. Depending on the damage they do on the spell casting will depend how strong the spell effect will be or if it will work at all.
Having an understanding on the spell will give you a better use on the items you are using. If you know that the color blue means calming and relaxing than you will most likely relax a bit when lighting it. If the spell is a healing spell than you will feel like you are getting better while lighting it. All items are range by different meanings, if you understand which meaning will be best for the spell then the better your willpower towards the spell will work.

The only way to get better is to study your stuff. But in order to study you need to understand where to start off at. It could be learning how to tell which spell is fake or real ( is fake and is real). If you look at the eye color spell you will notice the lack of information it gives you. It also gives you some candles but having the candles doesn't make any sense. Why Orange and pink? While the door protection spell gives you a lot of information and even a larger list of stuff you need. Be warn that even if the list is big doesn't mean it is real, the way to tell is to see how each item is being used. And lastly it gives you a time and day to cast this for more strength.
There are also spells that will seem like they will work but in most cases they have some stuff you have never heard of. It is always best to do some research on anything you do not know or understand what it is and used for. Even if you are not going to cast a spell it is always best to keep a journal with all of your findings and add more in it on your free time. A page for colors, herbs, symbols, runes, languages, hours and days, numbers, and so on. This way you can look back on it and remember what it stands for.

Now that things are covered in that area we can move on to the types of spells.

Candle magick is spells that mainly use, you guess it, candles! Candles can be a powerful tool if you know how to use it. The type of wax, the color, the string, the size, even how the candle is shaped as. All of that plays into the spell and it is best to get the right candle to get the right outcome. If you want to make that into your major then it is best to write down all the information you can find. This way when you find a candle magick spell, you can tweak it to make it better. Knowledge is power my friends.

Charms is for people that will like to see their work on paper, people like me. I love drawing symbols onto the parchment paper for the beauty in them. Symbols and such are used to keep a spell bound and working for some time. This takes more work than candle magick because there are countless symbols into our world and history. A line has meaning and all of the little details you overlooked. I have around six different books full of different symbols and languages I could use just in case. With symbols and charms, you will also need to understand what color means too due to the ink you will use.

General spells are stuff like protection, healing, wish, luck, and such like those. Those spells can be candle magick or charm magick or even something else like mind over matter. These can be done by having tools or even no tools. A good spell to look at is the witch's bottle. It is a protection spell where you need a jar and nails. Put the nails into the jar and you could even add Lemon juice (to replace the pee). Oh and you could add some of your hair or toe/finger nails so the hex and bad energy that is targeting you will be trapped in the jar. This doesn't normally involve candles or writing on the jar, but using real tools like nails, jars, and such as the spell. Herbs also count in this but you can cast a spell mainly with just herbs if you try hard enough.

The last area I will go into will be the dark spells. Curses and hexes will do number on someone if done right. Now there are a lot of people that discourage on studying and casting such stuff but it is still useful to understand what you are going against. In order to learn Defense Magick you must know your enemy and their tools. If you are going into protection and defense of such things than it is best to learn how those spells work. The normal stuff is getting your name, DNA, birthday, location, anything the curse can target on you. This doesn't mean you should keep yourself a mystery but understand how the spell finds you and how you can reduce it from harming you. This is the art of destroying spells, not creating spells. Anyway to reduce the effect of the spell, banish it, or even end it early. Of course I only use this on spells that will do harm to me but you can do it on a less evil kind of spell. It just takes you understanding the type of spell they are using and what you can do it stop it.

In the end, it just takes studying the stuff you wish to major in. Even if you have been doing it for years and years you are still learning and creating/destroying. It takes a lot of work to be a caster if that is your desire. If not than you can always keep your believes and walk the path, you don't need to cast spells or rites.

Thank you all for reading this all the way, hopefully this helps someone.
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Re: Lost in Daze
Post # 2
thank you, very informative
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Re: Lost in Daze
Post # 3
Thank you very much! Yes, very informative and thought provoking on my own terms. Mind over matter, do you believe, or find in your studies, that it can overcome curses, hexes, spells etc.? Do you find it true that it also enables us to detect outside forces being involved in matters?
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Re: Lost in Daze
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Mind over matter is where your own thoughts control how you feel and what you do. Like if you believe you are being cursed or confusing the common cold to be a hex, than your mind will copy what you believe the hex/curse is. If you are cursed you can see that curse as the common cold. It should reduce the curses effects but won't stop the curse. However if you someone does curse you, it is best to put it out of mind and see yourself as a healthy normal person. So to answer your question, you can use mind over matter to get rid of a curse, but it won't be right away and it matters on how strong your will is.
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Re: Lost in Daze
Post # 5
Thank you very much for your answer! It reflects my very own thoughts. I will consider adding a witch bottle for additional protection. Generally, which would be the best place to store it, close (bed side) or preferably outside to keep distance?
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Re: Lost in Daze
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Witch bottle are designed to draw away curses, hexes, bad thoughts, evil eye, and more from your person. It is best to keep them far away from you by putting in under the ground in the forest.

For this to work you must add something that is linked to you like hair, nails, blood, or even a photo of yourself in the jar. In the old days they would pee in the jar but it can be replaced with a photo. I am sure you know the rest of the spell, if not than you could send me a message on the site.
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Re: Lost in Daze
Post # 7
Thank you very much again, and yes, help with the spell would be appreciated. I usually don't cast spells and only practice 'mind over power' if needed.
I took info from this site
and added sea salt, some dirt and something personal to link it as me, into the suggested mix. Planning on wrapping it in black cloth.
I will perform meditation on protection and bury it in the woods tonight. If you can advise me on a special spell to go along, that would be great!
Again, thank you for your guidance and help. Sincerely.
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Re: Lost in Daze
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
This is how I make a witch's bottle.

Jar with a led to close it.
Nails, thorns, tacks, anything that is simple to a nail will do.
A picture or something to link you as. Again you can use hair, nails, urine, your name, ect.
Optional-Some candle wax.

Take the jar and add the nails and other stuff inside. You can also put sand or rough salt (rock salt but more finer and not as fine as table salt). Once you have everything you want in it put the item that will link you to the jar. Close the led. Optional- You may burn a red candle, black candle, or white candle and use that wax over the led until it covers it all the way.

I would advise you to keep the black cloth for something more useful. Black cloth is used to keep energies out and to protect whatever is inside the cloth. Stuff like Tarot cards, your personal tools, ect. The jar is there to draw and trap the bad energies inside it.

There is a more simpler jar that I found that does almost the same trick. All you need is the jar with led and some rice, white rice. Fill the jar half way with the white rice and close the led. Set the jar outside your door (outside your house) and leave it there for a week. Once that week is up throw the rice away, far away as possible.

what the rice does is it soaks up the bad energies, curses (not all curses), and hexes (not all hexes). The jar just helps to hold that energy inside of it. You can also use the rice (after a week of usage) for curses and hexes.
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Re: Lost in Daze
Post # 9
Thank you so much for the tip of sealing it with wax instead of using the cloth! I will do that and bury it in the woods after I took my stray cat in :) Also great advise with the jar of rice and I will apply this also. Maybe I am going overkill here but better safe then sorry since I have had some very bad energies coming my way for a while now, and I expect them to get worse with truth finding it's way.
I take your non-mentioning of some "special chant" as not as important, as long as the inside meditation/focus is there?

Again, I thank you very much for your insides, I won't forget your kindness.

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Re: Lost in Daze
By: / Beginner
Post # 10
Those two do not require a "special chant" because you are using the items properties to do the work than a spirit of the elements or the Gods and goddesses.

To me, a chant is where you are speaking to someone for help or higher power. And yes words do have power but you must know how it works. As from what I can see you do not really need to add words or anything else to it.
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