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Looking for Spell
Post # 1
I am searching for a spell that will reduce or dampen my fiance's sex drive. He wants it WAY more than I do, and as I am having some physical issues that make sex a little painful and a loss of my libido, it is beginning to cause a large rift between us. He equates sex with love so when I do not want to have sex 2-3 times a week, he accuses me of not loving him or of cheating on him. I do love him & I am not cheating on him. I just do not want sex as much as he does & want to stop being pressured for it or accused of ugly things when I do not give in. He masturbates at least once a day whether we have sex that day or not. So is there any spell out there that will either reduce his sex drive or kill it completely? I am EXTREMELY LIMITED in what items I have to use for this, all I have access to are basic household items, outside items like grass & dirt, photos of him, his belongings, and small white candles & red candles, and possibly blue & brown ones as well. PLEASE HELP. I *do* love him & want this to work but I am sick of being hounded for sex... I also do not want him to cheat on me because of our slow sex life- I do not know if he would do that but I do fear it. Can someone please help me? I have been looking for help everywhere & no one will help me without wanting to charge me a bunch of money that I do not have. Thank you & many blessings to you all.
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Re: Looking for Spell
Post # 2
The best solution to this is by talking things out. Explain to him why you can't. If he truly loves you, he will understand.
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