Spell to cure acne

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Spell to cure acne
Post # 1
I have zits and they really hurt my self-esteem. Would someone please recommend me a spell to stop them or lower their frequency, at least? I don't have them in great ammounts, but I do have them in key areas of my face at times.
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Re: Spell to cure acne
By: / Novice
Post # 2
No, there isn't a spell that is going to work for this. Acne is a normal part of growing up, and most if not all of us have been or will go through it. As for your self esteem, only you can raise that yourself. :) Here is a good link that explains ways to raise your self esteem:

Hope this is helpful!
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Re: Spell to cure acne
Post # 3

Green tea is a gentle yet super effective astringent. Moisturizing is important. Some people including myself use unrefined organic sesame seed oil, just a little with some water added to make it easy to apply. It isn't the oil that causes acne, its hormones, dirt, and irritation. Sesame seed oil is antimicrobial, so it will actually work to keep your face clean. Don't touch your face during the day and don't press anything like a phone onto your face.

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Re: Spell to cure acne
Post # 4
I wouldn't call it nor do a spell for it! I would just work with mother nature... and do some herb work!
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Re: Spell to cure acne
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Simply go to
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Re: Spell to cure acne
Post # 6
Here is some modeling info for you.It all comes down to your hormones and skin type.Its either oily or extra dry.An increase in zinc(usually available in pill form) works some wonders.Also get enough sleep and drink a lot of water daily,try to cut out proccessed sugar to a minimum.For a facial routine don't scratch or pick otherwise you will be left with scabs and marks afterward,smoking also increases acne if your prone to touching your face.Your daily routine should involve exfoliating plus a decent moistorizer afterwards usually including some form of spf protection.Twice a week use a facial mask,starting off with a carcoal mask until majority of the excess sebum and dead skin cells are cleared away,then gradually move over to something that is soft on your skin and which will clear up uneveness,something like a seaweed mask or vitamin E oil.Just understand that you will have to constantly follow this routine and should stick with it aswell.But they do work,I only figured this out when I started modeling and haven't looked back ever since.Good luck
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Re: Spell to cure acne
Post # 7
I agree with mostly all the post on here but what i did and i think really helped my skin was:
You will need:
Rose petals

mix all the ingredients together to create a thick mixture. apply the mixture to your affected area and massage it gently in. Say:
Pimples be gone and zits away, ive made a mask yet you still stay. That age is done! your time not long, for as i speak you will be gone!

wash off the mask and apply daily. only say the spell every 3 days.

Hope this helps! message me if it doesnt and ill help you further!
Blessed be
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Re: Spell to cure acne
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
Ansuz the spell may work only as placebo effect or as stress relief ,rather than mainly on physical level .Stress can also cause skin problems .You simply need to try to keep good facial hygiene .In case that acne is not improving you need to consult your doctor ,who then can refer you to dermatologist .
Hormones cause sometimes cause the sebaceous glands to produce more oil .This oil is beneficial for your skin ,however when it is excessive it can trap bacteria and dirt and obturate the entire pore ,this then will cause inflammation ,redness and pimple .Steaming help the pores to open and makes it more easy to clean the oil with the trapped bacteria and dirt .After you steam your face you can apply honey mask .

This mask not only help against acne but also help you to deal with the scarring they cause sometimes .

Mix 1 table spoon of honey ,1 table spoon of lemon juice ,1 table spoons of almond oil and 2 tables spoon milk .If it is too runny you can add one tablespoon turmeric .

Honey is very good for the skin it kills and keep away all bacteria ,it also restore skins faster and has been used from the down of the time to treat wounds .I use Manuka honey .
Lemon juice has slightly bleaching affect ,it also disinfects against the bacteria and work as toner .However it is bad idea to put lemon juice on your face and then just stand under the strong sun ,it reacts with the sun and may cause darker spots .Avoid sun while having it on the face and at half hour after it .Milk is beneficial for the face too .Turmeric keeps bacteria away and it is very good for the skin tone and complexion (yes it is yellow and it can colour but if you wash your face well it will not stain it, but it does stain cloths and towels ! .)
Keep the mask from 15 minutes to half an hour (till it dries ) and then wash it .If you have tea tree essential oil you always can apply it topically on the zit (only ) ,but make sure you do allergic test on your skin ,somewhere on the skin that is not visible such the back of the ear or inner part of the arm .Wait half an hour if there is not redness and itching you are good to apply it on the spot ,but do not apply on entire face it smells very strong and it is very potent !.Almond oil will trick the skin to think that it is enough oily and it will not produce more sebum .More sebum means more trapped bacteria and dirt ,more obturated pores and more acne .
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