Magic items for newbies?

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Forums -> Magic Items -> Magic items for newbies?

Magic items for newbies?
Post # 1
I'm a newbie to all this and I was wandering what magic items I need. Magic ring, necklace, stone, wands, ect. Anything like that?
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Re: Magic items for newbies?
Post # 2
Tools are just there to help you better focus on your intent. Thus, you don't necessarily need them unless you feel they are necessary to your practice.

However, I found candle magic to be one of the easiest forms of magic to practice when I first began practicing magic. Candles are both easy to work with and easy to hide in plain site, if you are living with parents or anyone that might not approve of your religious views/practices.
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Re: Magic items for newbies?
Post # 3
So i don't need an special things for magic
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Re: Magic items for newbies?
Post # 4
Magick Items? There is no such thing, but there is something called "tools". We use tools to put us in a more magickal mindset to focus our energies onto our desired outcome. I'm assuming your young so you might want to start with discovering yourself than tools. Matter of fact, you don't need ANYTHING right now if you would consider yourself a 'newbie'. Focus on discovering yourself and studying a practice than shooting for the stars.
Take care!
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Re: Magic items for newbies?
Post # 5

Depends on what the tool is to be used for. For example you obviously can't make an herb-free herbal sachet that relies on aromatherapy. Other tools, like those used to direct energy for things like circle drawing, they're about as optional as can be.

You don't necessarily need items to do magick.

All you need is focus, will and belief. A bit of imagination helps too.

Words can help to focus our thoughts and intent and can be spoken, sung or thought.

Seeing what we want to produce in our minds, like a day dream.

Provoke the emotions inside of you as if your goal has already been met from attempting to perform any sort of a magical practice.. For instance, Use your finger instead of a wand.
Use visualization to stimulate emotion instead of candles.
Pray or renew the energy in something to purify instead of using salt or an athame.

There's something you can do for everything without using items or materials..

When I do not use items, I practice magick using different ways and methods. When I use items it is ceremonial, usually to honor or ask the aid of a specific spiritual being.
As for the ring and the necklace. These items aren't what we call magic tools. These items are basically regular items which are 'charmed', which means that they had been charged by positive energies in order to assist us in our magical workings and our daily lives.

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Re: Magic items for newbies?
By: / Novice
Post # 6
Items are not necessary for magical work. But once you are deeper into the subject, you may want to collect items.

When I first began I had nothing but a few candles that I had found around the house; but now I have, an altar, candle holders, coloured candles, white candles, incense, incense burners, cauldrons, chalices, wands.

But nothing is necessary, you can gather what you wish, and leave what you do not. In the future if you wish to collect more then you can.

Good Luck xxx
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