Strengthen love spell

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Strengthen love spell
Post # 1
Merry meet,
I hope your all well.
Anyway im with someone i truly love, but hes quiet immature. We both have strong feelings for each other, but i badly want us too last, as i am really sick of being heart etc. So i just basically wanted to know whether someone can help me out with sharing spells that can make me and him last.

Many thanks
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Re: Strengthen love spell
By: / Novice
Post # 2
well, to quote one of my favoure movies 'time has a way of changing things' so a binding spell today might seem great, but you should love him for him, and if he's immature now and it's bugging you, in 5 years you might despise him for it. not that i'm saying in that time he won't mature.

to strengthen love you don't really need a spell, it wouldn't hurt, but i think it would be more beneficial if you two just spent time together, no distractions, just be together. granted even if you cast a spell, you'd still need to put some effort into the relationship to aid it. if you mean faithfulness, i know of a spell or two [not giving out though because it's sex magic] they're binding spells, and i don't think binding spells are good in the long run really... unless it's some life or death thing, and even then.

if i were you, maybe cast a simple candle spell, get a red or pink candle, carve both your names in it and circle it with a heart and burn it. watch the candle and visualize the two of you together, happy [maybe with a pink glow around you] then you need to work on your relationship. take him out to a movie, go for a bike ride, a walk in the woods or something you both enjoy just the two of you. also don't know your age, but just remember, time has a way of changing things, in a few years your feelings might change, he might change, you might change, so don't do anything crazy just yet... unless you've been together 10 years and he's 29 going on 13 [if you understand what i mean lol]
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Re: Strengthen love spell
Post # 3

One of the factors of an healthy relationship is accepting your partner for who he is, without fitting any standards. If he's immature, that's an attribute you'll have to accept during this relationship if you really love and care about your partner.

So what you're asking is to strengthen the relationship?

A love spell that takes an already-existing relationship and strengthens it is generally acceptable if everyone involved wants the relationship to succeed (as opposed to one of the members hoping the relationship will dissolve so he or she can leave).

If your partner is willing to leave you, the relationship shouldn't be forced.

Forcibly making a specific person love you (or whoever) without their knowledge or consent is generally considered wrong. This is because it violates their free will and there's a good chance that they won't actually be happy in this relationship.

However what I assume is that you are only willing to strengthen the existing relationship without forcing anything.

There are some things you can do.

The first thing I recommend to be easy with your partner and accept him for who he is. Love him, respect him, and behave well to him. If you follow all these steps which make a healthy relationship, there's no reason to be afraid of a break - up initiated from your partner.

I also suggest making a mojo bag out of some red fabric (or even just red felt or construction paper). In it I would put five each of five different herbs or stones associated with love, romance, and/or connection. You should bless it for your love to your partner and carry it around to wherever you go. You should find some appropriate herbs and stones on a correspondence sheet (we have articles on them, stores generally provide them, and they're in the back of every general/basic magick book) .Bless the bag and keep it under the bed or between the mattress and the box-springs... or keep it in whatever other room they have all their passion in, I guess. I would suggest recharging it every two or so months with sunlight and moonlight, and I would also suggest replacing it every two years. At the very least you should replace the herbs and re-bless it.

That's my suggestion. However you can find many other spells about strengthening your relationship. You may also make your own relationship blessing spell :) I would also like to strengthen Neko's point here.

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Re: Strengthen love spell
Post # 4
Hey all
Yeah i am like accepting him for how he is.
I just dont want to get hurt and wouldnt want to force him, so i basically want something lucky to make us happy and bind tbh. But thankyou for your help. The strengthening spells ive found on here have never really worked for me :/
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