spirit possession

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spirit possession
Post # 1
i no it has been heard of that people from time to time have been really possessed but is it possible for a person to be possessed by a persons spirit even if that person is still alive ,( if that person is truly evil could there spirit then go in to another living person )i dont no if you can understand what i am trying to ask but i would be interested in the answer oh i think i have it "could a living person who is truly evil un-knowingly possess another living person,?" sorry for the confusion if anyone knows please let me no , as i believe true evil is born and not made by sociatey if you are truly evil then it is in you from birth, dont you think?.
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Re: spirit possession
By: / Novice
Post # 2
it's an old belief that a witch can do this, basically they send their astral self to torment people in the physical. i'm not saying it's real, just what people use to believe. i don't know if this is possible, though i guess it could work to some degree. being 'evil' though i don't think factors into it, no ones 100% good or evil. people are complex, maybe they're doing it as an experiment or a joke or they don't like a person. hope that explained things a little.
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Re: spirit possession
Post # 3
Aliester Crowley claimed to have attacked people in the astral but it is impossible to unkowingly posses someone and I dont think that people can posses people anyways. You can use magic to cause bad things to happen to someone or make them feel bad but possesion is different.
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Re: spirit possession
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
I actually have talked with spirit of alive person in her sleep using ouija board .It took me some time to realize she was alive .It was part of experiment we did with my tutor back then.There is theory that spirit is writing the words using your arm ,so to me it is some way of possession .Or if not this case we still share conscious and for that to be facilitated her spirit must have come very near me and shared link or conscious .I never knew this person or met her so we did not had already established link.I called her as asked by my tutor and she came .After all we are spirits caged in flesh .Some people can travel in their sleep or even while meditating ,only the astral (spiritual) part travels .However for alive person to do that it is much more complex than for random spirit that resides only in subtle form all the time .Also i have seen a case of biolocation in which the person looked as solid and real as anybody else's around but her energy was different .
So I personally believe that is possible but less probable ,because it takes really a lot skill ,talent and special circumstances for one of your subtle bodies(usely astral double ) to leave for some time .

Overall if every Tom and Harry comes to say he will posses me I will have a good laugh for the probability will be 1000 against 1 .
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Re: spirit possession
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Decided to clarify in case that you guys missed to conclude the obvious .If you are grounded random type person living absolutely normal life any kind of spiritual being will have very hard time to posses you either alive or not .Filters protecting our mind to register anything else than normal will not allow you to see ,sense or feel anything .That can happen only when you are in very deep trance but actually very few folks go randomly in deep trance .In short as long as you are not channeler or medium you are pretty much safe .In your normal state of mind which is called beta you hardly will ever notice anything weird or sense it so if there is some form of influence it will be mainly emotional ,however that still is far from possession .Normal person will be most prone to that in states of mind alpha and even more probably in state of mind theta .Medium can go in theta state for second while wide awake ,which is why they are so open for possessions .Therefore such technique will probably not work on almost anybody rather than medium or channeler ,however most folks having this skills have learnt long ago how to put up a good fight on subtle level .Also not all channeler or mediums go do deep into deep trance state ,where their identity vanish and the spirit take over completely ,but even so most of these workers have guides who protect them or entire sitting spiritual circle that survey the entire process for such ordeals can be life threatening for the deep trance medium .
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