Simple LOve Spell

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Simple LOve Spell

Simple LOve Spell
Post # 1

I just wanted to ask some questions about this spell. Does it matter about what age you do it?

Can you say what you want the person's name to be?

ALso, if you have other advice or things I need to know about this please tell me. Thank you. n.n ~Shadow
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Re: Simple LOve Spell
By: / Novice
Post # 2
myself i don't cast love spells for many different reasons, mostly it's forcing someone to love you, but whatever, your life, just be careful what you wish for.

it doesn't matter how old you are when casting any spell really, it comes down to experience, and ability to charge and focus. for this spell you need to charge rose petals, as well as when you seal it, and i'm guessing you'll be visualizing a person with your desired qualities as well.

if you're casting on a certain person you can, though i'd alter the spell a little bit in that case, like maybe add their picture. this being said however, the person clearly stated on the bottom in bold you cannot cast this spell on another as it doesn't work that way. if you want your boyfriend to have a certain name like say Matt, little odd, but i guess you could do that, it might just take longer, since this spell is not casting on anyone specific, just asking for the person you were destined to meet to show up sooner.
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Re: Simple LOve Spell
Post # 3
I would suggest to talk with the person in Love see what you can do,you can pray as well for luck,courage and a chance but above all Magic isn't exactly the answer for Love or Love related themes,unless you want to create a protective field over the already established relationship...
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Re: Simple LOve Spell
Post # 4
I am not entirely new to the Magick/Spells/Wicca/etc, my brother has been practicing for 15 years, and his teacher (and family friend)so I was sorta brought up around it. However, I am currently learning by trail and error, and asking for advice or help as need. My point before I start rambling is, if love spells were manipulation of freewill wouldn't they work for someone's celebrity crush? As we all may know, that more then likely isn't going to to happen. And the reason for this, as my brother's mentor explain to me** : "In order for any type of love spell to manifest to its fullest, the feelings must be present in the other person already. You can not force love into anyone with or without a spell. However if they have those feelings for you -consciously or subconsciously- then a love spell can help heighten those feelings. If the person subconsciously has any type feelings for you it will make them aware of those feelings If the person is already aware of those feelings, and just has not made them known to you - or anyone else even- then a love spell can feed on those feelings heightening them, and allowing the person to announce them to you. But it can not and will not put feelings there that aren't there." Going on this opinion would it still be manipulation of a person's freewill, or is it simply just giving the two a boost, that may not have have happened. (I.E. Guy loves a girl, but to scared to make that big move, because he thinks she would reject him, cause she doesn't like him. But the whole time she has the very same feelings for him, but thinks he doesn't have them for her. Or one of them knows how the other feels, but they are unsure or unaware of their feelings for that person In the long run, they unspoken feelings remain just that. And the two always wonder what might have been.. (dang that sounded like a chick flick box office failure)

**The reason she gave me that spill two years ago, was because I was preparing to cast a love spell, and she - for a lack of better term- sensed it. She called, and was relieved to find I was not casting for myself, but was dissappointed I did not study love magick better before agreeing to help my friend. ((As a side note just because some may know, I have been looking for a way to cast on for myself, for a similar reason I listed above, the feelings are there for both of us, but we both have been through terrible experiences in that area, so have a wall built. His much higher then mine, and when he fells I am about to climb it he adds a slippery rooftop, and becomes so cold hearted I fall into a deep depression. However, instead of a "make him commit" type spell, I simply did the Sugar Jar Spell, and it is working, we are growing closer as friends for now, and that is the best stepping stone. I have also meditated in the fact that even if his wall never comes down, and we only remain as the type of friends we are, that is ok too. We are still in each others lives, he has finally opened up about his feelings, and even added a skylight to that slippery roof. :) ) Ok so I rambled anyways but I sincerely hope my actual point/opinion came out properly.
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Re: Simple LOve Spell
Post # 5
Oh! n.n This isn't a binding spell my friends. I don't like binding people at all.
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Re: Simple LOve Spell
Post # 6
Im new to this i was wandering if someone could cast a closer spell for me me and my Bf we are in love but he is going through a rough time because of the holidays , i only wish to draw us closer to each other because of him being distance at times . If someone can help me out please let me know thank you very much.
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