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Post # 1
Ok. Not to sound to out there, but for the past couple of days when i try to do anything involving magick i hear a voice guiding me through the process. I am a firm believer in spirits but i dont want to automaticaly assume thats what it is. However. Last night as i was lying in bed waiting fot sleep to come. The same voice started guiding me down a long hall. All kinds of freaky images went past. A cross with a weird design faces, just super creepy stuff. But on the flip side. The hallway seemed to lead me out of my body. Im a little concerned. But not yet super freaked out. Any advice? Comments?
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Re: voices
By: / Novice
Post # 2
does sound like spirits, but never had one walk me through projecting. when i hear spirits before i go to sleep, it's a mesh of them all bickering and talking amongst each other. sometimes i'm speaking to just one spirit, but before bed there's usually two or more. in my last house was two wo would yell at each other, unaware i was there. here it's only happened a couple times, but it's a bunch of voices talking. anyway, do the voices sound like your own, like when you think to yourself? if it's just one voice, it could just be your mind running through things. since it's near Samhain you probably are hearing spirits. normally, there's more to it than voices, you should feel something as well. i don't mean cold [although sometimes you can] you should feel someone by you, you should feel happy, or sad, or scared, you might even feel an answer before given, like if you start feeling an answer is a yes before they speak. [odd description i know] try talking back when they speak to you, might have a interesting conversation with them.
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Re: voices
Post # 3
Super awsome. No its a manni think. Or a wo.en with a real deep voice. But im gonna try talking back see what happens! Thanks
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Re: voices
Post # 4
Be a little careful, it sounds as if you might have a demon...although I'm jumping to's probably a really old and wise spirit. Could be a spirit guide as well.
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Re: voices
Post # 5
So im thinking it is a guide! Using the way it told me i had my first successful ap last night. I will be posting the method in a couple of days. Want to make sure its easy to read and understand. I tend to ramble a lot
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