Spells for school or ADHD

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Spells for school or ADHD
Post # 1
So I really need a spell to help me in school or at least with my ADHD, anxiety and depression.
I'm horrible at time management & organizing things. I'm also horrible at concentrating on tasks at hand whenever I have homework. Please help me. I've tried to conquer this issue my entire life and I'm in college now, and it's ruining my education so badly that it's ruining my mental health.
I haven't seen any school or education based spells anywhere.
I'm wondering if earth would be a good element to use for this sort of spell.
I'm also wondering if I should get another person to do a spell on me, since I personally am feeling incredibly frantic, panicked, anxious and all over the place. I normally start thinking of spells when I want to fix my life, but I'm afraid that that might also mess up my energies as to make spell casting a bad idea. I don't think I know anybody who could cast the spell on me though.
What do you guys think?
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Re: Spells for school or ADHD
Post # 2
I'm also not taking any sort of medication by the way.
No health insurance for Adderall or a psychiatrist.
I also hear it can be pretty bad for you.
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Re: Spells for school or ADHD
Post # 3
I have adhd as well. I make lists. Lots of them. Its hard especially if you cant get the meds. As for them bieng bad for you. All meds have side effects. It would be up to you to decide if the cure were worse than the dissease so to speak. I truely hope you find a spell or something to help. And wish i could provide it for you. Its a tough battle but you can persavere :D
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Re: Spells for school or ADHD
Post # 4
clear your mind
think of you
say to yourself
I am more organized
focused and clean.
My grades are better

For anxiety
get something that smells like vanilla
Vanilla chase this mess away
keep it far from me today
You have the will to do almost anything
Do it
And if you're getting bullied do what I did.
Learn Kung Fu!
Go Jaden Smith on a brother's booty!
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Re: Spells for school or ADHD
Post # 5
I heard exersicing, eating organic, health foods, and a balanced diet can really help with depression and anxiety, along with meditation. It takes a lot of practise.. I heard something about juicing fruits, and using those juices in (healthy) food helps for ADHD. I think ADHD is misdiagnosed, and is a gift. Look into natural stuff for both ADHD and depression/anxiety.. I don't know if spells will help that much, in my opinion.
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