Junk dream and AP?

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Junk dream and AP?

Junk dream and AP?
Post # 1
Hey everyone!

How do can I tell the difference between Junk Dream and a real AP?

I just had a nap a few minutes ago for 3 hours and dreamt of being at my mom's place (Its not really her place,never been there, but in the dream it felt like it is) which I haven't met her for like 2-3 years.

There the are those Chinese spell seals all over the place, at the balcony there are pre made colored 5 stars or 6 stars spell circles on table or some sort. Some even have candles lit. There were a couple of those.

Then some in the dream I sat down with my aunt(not sure who that person is) and a Fengshui master, and I remember him saying "I no longer write spells, I draw them!" He said it as if drawing it makes it superior, or at least that's what his tone implies.

I felt then within the seals are enclose spirits. and the fengshui master was expecting fortune or something. Not sure if he is a good guy or not, but the place doesn't feel nice, gloomy couldn't see outside and got a bit of freaky sinister feel to it.

Now this is a very odd dream! Is it just random junk? Did it take place somewhere on the astral plane? Iam confused.. lol.

Before I napped I was studying a manual book for driving license test.

Thanks for reading hopefully someone can shed some light on this! :D

Looking forward to your replies.
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Re: Junk dream and AP?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Firstly, there are no junk dreams... ever.

Second. I don't personally see this experience you described as an astral projection.

Lastly, dreams are very complex creations of the subconscious. Determining the meaning, or gaining any insight about your dream (basically figuring out what your dreams mean), depends on a lot of things happening in your life currently, as well as things that have happened in the past. No matter how "junky" a dream may seem, there is always a message behind it.

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Re: Junk dream and AP?
Post # 3
Thanks for the reply Holla!

So how would I get started at decoding the message? Is there a certain book that helps to explain things?

In terms of training I'm still practicing Franz Bardon's first exercise. Visualizing and holding it.
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Re: Junk dream and AP?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

Reflecting on symbols within the dream you had and linking these symbols to different aspects of your life. Also understanding the meanings of the symbols themselves (as you currently understand these symbols to be - your subconscious only knows what you know)

Just think about what your dream is trying to tell you, what would you feel is the moral or message to this story?

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Re: Junk dream and AP?
Post # 5
mmmm....moral of the story. Don't ever go find my mother, she's hired an evil Feng Shui dude to trap me!

Just joking, thanks Holla! I will try to figure it out! :D
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Re: Junk dream and AP?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6

You are very welcome! Enjoy your journey

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Re: Junk dream and AP?
Post # 7

Think about two kinds of astral projection; conscious and unconscious. In conscious astral projection the person becomes aware of the subtle body when it is separated out of the physical body. In unconscious astral projection, the astral body separates but the person is not aware of it.

So from that, astral projection as we normally use the terms means only being conscious during an astral projection. Each time the physical body sleeps, the astral body separates but we are not always conscious of the separation.

There is a term which is called "lucid dreaming" which is also a kind of dreaming, and this is what you asked about. Lucid dreaming means that you become aware of the astral world even when your astral body has not been displaced out of the physical system. In that case your mind is totally attuned to the astral body and is not specifically aware of the physical one, only slightly aware of it.

Regarding if dreams are different to astral projections that depends on what you mean by dream.

Dreams which are merely ideas in your mind which appear to be real to you in that state is not astral projection. But you can be in an astral projection and interpret the experience as just a dream, as just your imagination at work, while in fact it is an experience in an objective astral world

It's my opinion that astral projection, dreaming and lucid dreaming are intertwined in the same locale. The difference between dreams, projection and lucid dreaming is what is at the controls (the conscious mind or the subconscious mind). Even if you get the vibrations and roll out of your physical body, you will end up "dreaming" very quickly if you don't know what you're doing. People say, "I failed because I fell into a dream." Well, no you didn't, you just gave up conscious control to the subconscious mind which makes the experience totally different!
But yet, astral projecting and just dreaming are not the same things as I said. But there is a connection between them for sure. You may want to look for definitions in google about the terms "astral projection","dreaming" and if you want also check for "lucid dreaming".

Hope it helps,

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Re: Junk dream and AP?
Post # 8
Hey Thanks Magickal Aid! Very informative :D
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Re: Junk dream and AP?
Post # 9
I completely agree with you. Dreams, lucid dreams, astral projection...they are just different levels of consciousness. I astral project everyday and end up in the astral usually with a bunch of other "discarnate" humans. Everyone who has ever lived and died is now in the astral. But because of the "ethereal" material the astral is made up of is so sensitive, things you focus on in your mind will instantly manifest. So it is easy to think you are talking to another spirit when in fact you just "thought someone up".
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Re: Junk dream and AP?
Post # 10
1. In the dream state one is very much vulnerable
to astral forces.
2. Other beings and humans can then communicate with
one in dreams.
3. Dreams are not always connected to unconscious /
subconscious mind stuff.
4. When dreams link back to past experiences they
represent repressed thoughts working in the unconscious
state and therefore always have a meaning from simple
to complex even repressed emotions.
5. Astral forces and past experiences including
repressed thought may intermingle.
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