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Forums -> Misc Topics -> demons

Post # 1
I have recently been reading about
How to summin one and if I
Summoned the angl of death
Would it kill me? But if he would
Kill me tell me of a demon that wouldnt
Kill me :D I'm trying to start magic but I'm
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Re: demons
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
If you're starting off in magic then I wouldn't recommend trying to summon entities that you know very little about. You should begin with the basics before anything else.
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Re: demons
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Just giving my opinion of course, it is entirely up to you on what you do.
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Re: demons
By: / Beginner
Post # 4

first the angel of death is not a demon he is an angel as stated in his name and know he wouldn't kill you unless it was your time to die he isn't evil as a matter of fact he loves all living things when he removes some ones soul from there body so they can move on he is just doing his job its the reason he exists if no one ever died the world would become overpopulated and we would run out of resources but iv gotten of topic

summoning demons or any spirits can be very dangerous if you don't know what your doing you'll need to study for several years before being ready to even attempt a summoning

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Re: demons
Post # 5
Do NOT do it!!! I speak from experience when saying if you summon a spirit you have to be able to send it back if it is not compliant and even now after 6 years of study I still had some trouble not long back where I had to ask for my covens help.

If you summon an entity and it is not benevolent it can linger and feed off your energy until you feel exhausted all day. And if untreated this can really affect you.

If you don't take my warning so be it but please cast a circle and stay within your circle at all times until the spirit goes back, if it doesn'y compel it and throw in a hebrew god name for good measure

"In the name of YHVH, I command thee back to your plane" or something along those lines, the hebrew system has a lot of psychic energy poured into it and so its divine names are like a spiritual bazooka of sorts lol

Blessed Be- Start with regular meditation,casting circles, learning the basic principles and simple spells such as protection and healing.
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Re: demons
Post # 6
i already summon spirit of fortune teller, i don't know whether she is fortune teller spirit or not, but she didn't go to her original after i finish the case, she still stayed for two days after that i didnt see or feel her presence again. Last time i ever summon god, but the one is coming is demon. thats why my friend ask me never do summoning again because at that time he is with me too
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Re: demons
Post # 7
Most likely, the first time you summon a demon, it WILL try to kill you without hesitation. I've had issues with demons before, one of which my very experienced friend had to help me kill because it got to the point where I couldn't really sleep or eat or live right. They can mess you up badly...
But first of all, I want to point out that you first need a REASON to summon a demon. It will be of no use to you and will most likely not come if there isn't a reason you need it. Second, make sure that reason is good, because you'll be giving up your most valuable item, physical or mental or spiritual, to that demon. In some cases it might be blood the demon wants, in other cases...unfortunately will ask for your soul, if it likes the color. When you come to terms with the demon, it will "bargain" with you and certain things of which I am forlorn to say will be put into effect. If the demon doesn't double cross you first, then it will carry out your requests and after that, it will kill you and take your soul, or take what it wants.
Second...humans like us can only summon demons on full moons, contrary to what most others believe: that you can summon demons any time you want at any place. That is I said before, you may only summon demons on full moons, unless you are a high figure or you are very experienced or you aren't human. What I mean by high figure is someone who has been around and doing these things for at least over 40-50 years or more and they are widely known in this area.
Third...once the bargain has been done, there is no way of undoing it. So make see your decision is final. Demons are tricky. I would not be playing around with this sort of thing if I were you.
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