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I need Help
Post # 1
hello fellow witches,
I am in desperate need of your help, I came across a disturbing thought that my friend has a spell cast on him, while over hearing my friend on his phone today, and him telling me that his head has been pounding and he hasn't been feeling well for 2 weeks, it worried me. So I told him of my thought. Both him and I are Wiccans but we are only beginners. (this just popped into my mind out of no where and I had sort of a bad feeling at the same time)

him and searched S.O.M. but found nothing.

I am asking you for help, I need a spell that can tell me if a spell is cast on him, and anything to break or block that spell.
so please help me.

Blessed Be All,
Yanagi :)
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Re: I need Help
Post # 2

One remedy that I like to use is to make a peppermint infusion. Peppermint is a great purification herb that'll cleanse the body and the mind. If you do not have any accessibility to herbs you can apply 3 pinches of salt in bathing water. Before you bathe envision the water filled with radiant white light. You may chant or say a simple incantation if you would like. After chanting, pour the water all over your body and feel the positive energies filling and cleansing you.

Hope this helps.

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Re: I need Help
Post # 3

Have your friend take a nice, warm salt bath and just let his body soak. Also have him visualize that all negative things around him are vanishing. This will get rid of anything bad.


He could take a shower and visualize the water like white light and as it hits him it washes everything bad away.

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Re: I need Help
Post # 4
Merry meet! Both of those are wonderful suggestions but it sounds like he could have flu symptoms. Some times people jump to a magickal answer to quickly. If he has any other symptoms you should have him set up a doctors appointment.

Blessed be.
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Re: I need Help
Post # 5
In need of help well you have come upon the correct forum.i myself can guild you it is yourself that needs a spell put upon you to cast evil thoughts away from your mind.first end what is controling your thoughts learn to conquer your self and you will be able to cast any spell.
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