pagoda lidded box

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pagoda lidded box
Post # 1
lately i have had many dreams that are related by one thing. a jewelry type box about 8inches long with a lid similar to that of a japanese pagoda roof and black velvet lining. in my dreams the box contains only a copy of The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe but for some reason in my dreams i dont like to let it go. it is like a security blanket and i am most comfortable with the box in my hands. The box itself is quite plain. no intricate tooling on the sides and no crafting on the lid to make it look like a tile roof. Just smooth but it's the energy of the box that is uncanny. It is dark but in a light way and somehow it clears my head to where i can make tough decisions. What i want to know is, does this box exist or if it does could it do that and how?
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Re: pagoda lidded box
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Nkeez probably the box represents something that you contain locked inside you .Something that if you let go may somehow effect the way you take decisions logically .It is almost as if you have to know that whatever this is it is in a box and in your sight and as long as that is the case it is all secure .Raven is totem that is trickster and in same time it helps us to relate to our so called shadow self .
Black is the color of banishing , unsecurity also binding .When you want to bind something you put it in black box .Maybe all this security comes from the book being sort of locked in .Book would stand for me of something personal like story , memory or fantasy .
That is how i would sort of decode the dream ,but it is up to you to make the final decision and get its true meaning ,we simply can give you few ideas that you can see if you can relate to or not .
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