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New Here
Post # 1
Hello Everyone,

I have been following a solitary path in magick for several years now, although came to it relatively late in life. I am now in my 50's.

I want to learn more about every aspect of magick, the solitary path, spellwork, visualization (I have a real problem with this) and energies.

I do Tarot reading for myself mainly, but have done it for others with good results. I want to hone my abilities, possibly read professionally sometime in the future.

I am a great believer in dreams and have had many precognitive dreams throughout my life. I believe I travel to other worlds in my dreams, chiefly the land of the dead where I meet dead relatives and friends. I see them as my guides. I would like to hear of other peoples' experiences on this.

I also want to hear about anyone's knowledge of curses involving egg magick. I believe I was on the receiving end of such a curse and that it has affected my life from the point onward to the present day. I am talking about 20 years of my life here and would like to know if anyone knowledgeable knows if such negativity can be reversed even at this late stage. I have consulted with many on this subject. I have met with fear and dismissal from those purportedly in the know. I will discuss this at length with anyone who has serious knowledge on this subject.

I would also like to talk about spellwork especially negating the effects of one who is abusive and a bully. I seek to harm no one but to negate the negativity.

That is enough, I guess, for a start.

I enjoy reading, art, music and I collect gemstones and crystals. I have traveled the world and lived abroad for many years. I have a young son with autism so anyone who has any interest or firsthand experience of autism, please do contact me as well.

Many thanks for listening and I look forward to my time here.
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Re: New Here
Post # 2
Hi welcome to the site. Its realy great to meet you. There are lots of great people here and lots of things to learn. Im intrested in out of body travel to although i cant remember it i can do it. I wish i could help with the curse. But im not that experienced.
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Re: New Here
Post # 3
Hi, i to am new here, i wish i could help you out, but im not to sure what to do though.

I am 24 years old and been on a solo path since 16, i've had to be covert about my life where i live and i cant handle it much longer... not to sure how to break from my shell. Been out of touch with my craft, because of the area i live.

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