Potion Advice?

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Potion Advice?
Post # 1
Any advice on making potions? I would like to learn all I can. n.n Thank you all. ~Shadow
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Re: Potion Advice?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
there's a few books you could check out like Scott Cunningham's book Oils Incense and Brews.

a potion is basically any liquid spell, be it oil, lotion, tea, bath...

keep in mind not all potions are meant to be consumed, some are suppose to be worn or buried or hidden around your house. be sure you contact a doctor to see if it's wise to ingest certain things, say if you're allergic, taking medication, or pregnant for example it could be dangerous to you. if you know you're fine, i'd then research the herbs you're using to be safe.

there's some forums and articles on here to help, and i know of a few people who also study potioncraft, that's just a few key points. hope it helped ^_^
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Re: Potion Advice?
Post # 3
For any potion, the first and most important ingredient you need is INTENT. If you do not have intention, you might as well not make the potion. Additionally, you must know all of your ingredients. You must know what herbs you are using. Some herbs are poisonous and be proven fatal to you. Sure, you may know their magickal uses, but you don't know if it is poisonous or not. Some herbs may emit a toxic fume and some may cause irritation. Research your herbs before you use them. Some potions can be ingested and some cannot.

Some kinds of potions are listed here:
Infusion/Steeping: Boil herbs in a pot for ten or more minutes.

Elixir: Soaking a gemstone, metal or combination of both in water or alcohol.

Oils: Heating fresh herbs in vegetable oil over a low heat until they lose their color or take on a transparent look. The herbs are then strained through cheese cloth and the process repeates until the oil achieves the desired scent.

Ointment: Steeping three tablespoons of fresh herb in one cup of vegetable based lard and re-heating it several times.

Tinctures: Made by steeping four ounces of fresh herbs in eight ounces of alcohol in a dark place for two weeks.

I hope this helps.
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Re: Potion Advice?
Post # 4
Thank you both. n.n I really appreciate it.
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