Bad Luck need help

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Bad Luck need help
Post # 1
I am here hoping someone can help me.

I have had a tremendous run of bad luck this past month and feel either i have a hex/curse/or bad luck spell put on me by one of 2 people In the past month my boyfriend broke up with me, My daughter wound up in the hospital for 4 days and I lost 3 days work,I have had a family member die and a friend of my best friend, my custody case dismissed, my winshield cracked so I couldnt get my car inspected, so I then got a ticket, while talking on the phone with a friend he hits a deer and totals his car,and my dryer breaks down, my car loan gets turned down after working on it for a month, yes not all of this bad luck is mine but I feel like anyone who gets close to me is in danger.
I hope someone here can point me in the right direction or offer some sugestions on how to stop this. I really cant take much more.
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Re: Bad Luck need help
Post # 2
I'm so sorry to hear that. It does seem like a curse/hex so I think you should really try this potion:

I wish you the best of luck
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Re: Bad Luck need help
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
It sounds like something negative has latched itself onto you. Do a cleansing of your body and soul, and perhaps your home. I'd suggest doing this as soonly as possible.
Visualize or imagine in your mind your heart rooting through your body, through your feet into the nature and world around you. In your heart, a light forms and grows, pushing outwards, it pushes away the negativity, it burns it. It becomes a bubble around you. Imagine your energy forming a bubble the same way around your daughter and those you care for. Protecting them, Cleansing them.
Burn sage in a small nonflamable bowl to ward away any negative consciousness. Then if you'd like, burn a black candle for protection (Keep it somewhere it won't cause a fire) and put bay leaves in the corners of the main living area of your home. Carry bay leaves with you (Putting them in a small tea bowl on a chain can help).
I hope this helps, if you need more, or need me to help cast a protection for you, please mail me. I won't ask for a penny, I will however help you however I can.
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Re: Bad Luck need help
Post # 4

This could possibly be a hex or a curse. So I do reccomend the clensing that was reccomended. Also, have you done something for the Three Fold Law to take affect? Also, your mind and spirit, if you keep thinking negative, negative things will come. Think good positive things, if you do, good happy things will come. Just keep your head up and dont think bad of everything. the more you gwell on it, the more things that is going to go wrong.

Blessed Be )O(

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Re: Bad Luck need help
Post # 5
It is good that you are sharing your problems as problems shared gets smaller and smaller.
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