deep whisperd

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deep whisperd
Post # 1
as i said before in this forum,somepeople went to kill or get me mad.
i feel the symptoms within me very deeply, and i starte releasing the bad energies.
in the couple of days i perform a rituals call my guidings to help.
i take black candle and red bandage and tied it on the candle,
and very deeply whispers from no where comes into my ears and it enters my head and it release within 20 seconds.
The qustion is the spirits trying to stop me or it getting me ahead please comments on it to know where a i am heading.
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Re: deep whisperd
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Perhaps you should listen to the whisper ?
You can also ask the spirits about thier intention ,however keep in mind spirits can lie in same way as human do .Some lie and some are honest ,but is up to you to figure out the truth .
How we are supposed to know what actually they want or intent ?
It is you that have to figure out all this .
If the person that is after you work with spirits with darker nature you can somehow logically conclude they are not there to help you .What sort of path this person is practicing ?
We can not give you precise answers when you have given us so limited data .

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Re: deep whisperd
Post # 3
yes they are dark pratitioners
and as the whisper i ask the spirits the meaning of it but no reply
i don't went to fall victim in the hands of my enemies
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Re: deep whisperd
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
What type of "dark practicioner "that is ?Certain people can send thier allies spirits to actully step inside your aura .Different users of different paths would use diferent technique .That can cause many kind of different problems ,hearing whisper and voice is just one of them .The more spiritual you are the more you are open for such attack ,except if you do not protect yourself energetically .
But all this need to be checked and rechecked ,sometimes people may suggest to themselves that they have been cursed or attacked and that is what is causing the bad events .You need to exlude that as possible reason too .
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