Dealing with a Hex (Help)

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Forums -> General Info -> Dealing with a Hex (Help)

Dealing with a Hex (Help)
Post # 1
I will not be casting a hex, but trying to get rid of one.

My sister put a hex on my father (with the help of someone else I do not know,) and it's been affecting the whole household here for two years - I did not know she did this 'till a month ago.

Right now, I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of the hex - without sending it back to the original caster.
What I think I might be able to do is send the energies into an inanimate object & then bury or burn it, but...well, I'm not the most experienced when it comes to these things... (but I would like to be.) ^_^

Any input, advice, information, (or even a spell) would work right about now.

Thank you~


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Re: Dealing with a Hex (Help)
Post # 2
Let him carry a birthstone,you can see a thread on that in Magic Items...
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Re: Dealing with a Hex (Help)
Post # 3
I wish I could do that...the guy that helped my sister lives far away, and my sis doesn't talk to him anymore. : [
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Re: Dealing with a Hex (Help)
Post # 4
Just carry a small birthstone it cancels out and blocks any further magic from harming him...
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Re: Dealing with a Hex (Help)
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I don't think it's enough to carry birth stone and it's not easy to find out a birth exact stone. It might protect your father but will not remove Hex. Look for banishing rituals and spells. I would suggest to make a witch bottle for banishing negative stuff, but not sure if it hurt your silly sister or not. Do more research and take your own decision. May spirits bless you dear
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Re: Dealing with a Hex (Help)
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
I found this spell for you .

The curse-removing spell
You will need :
Some string
A bottle ( i would use amber one if i could find one )

Visualize all negativity present in your father's energetic field and in your house being sucked in in this bottle .
You can imagine that it takes the form of black smock .After you feel all negativity is inside the bottle close it tight .
Take the bottle outside away from your property and bury it for three days ,preferably under big holly tree ( it can also be burch tree or in if that is not possible any tree should do ).Trees and earth itself are fully capable to ground and transform any negative energy in something constructive .You do not need to worry about harming the tree or the earth .
After three days dig out the bottle ,leave some offering to the tree .Offering can be milk for example ,fertilized water or even babana peel (it is used as food by the tree as it rots ).
Wind the string around the bottle neck ,secure the string with two knots (knot magic ).While you are tieing the the knots say :

The curse cast over my father was burried deep .
The bad luck toward him (state his name in this point ) did sweep .
I knot this string once ,then again .
That the magic casted(the curse ) was made in vain .

Then undo the knots ,and let the bottle to shatter on the floor .
I will recommand that you do that away from your house .Imagine as the last knot is undone and the bottle shatters that the negative energy that the curse casted upon him becomes invalid and disperse as the glass disperse .
Make sure you collect the biggest glass and throw it in glas recycling bin .You can swip the area with broom in direction outwards from you .Optionally you can smudge the place using whote sage or rosemary ,even dragon blood incense stick shall do .Last one is optional if that is away from your home ,the nature will take care of the whatever negative had left .Make sure you do not leave the glass lying around that can hurt someone and it is not helthy for the environment .Pick the glass using garden gloves or protective wear .
I hope that helps .:)Good luck

Idea of the spell is taken from the Book of Spells by Michael Johnston ,however i have added tips and ideas that can improve the result you would get .

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Re: Dealing with a Hex (Help)
Post # 7
Just my two scene, but if you hex your family for 2 years, I think casting it back on them is fair. I understand where you don't want to, but if all else fails...
Good luck.
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Re: Dealing with a Hex (Help)
Post # 8
Get a magnet. Draw the energy to it. Cast the magnet into a body of water. Preferably the ocean so it can purify the energy
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Re: Dealing with a Hex (Help)
By: / Novice
Post # 9
wow, that's not a hex, it's a curse, hex's don't last that long and aren't as bad. it might of backfired which is why everyone's effected, or they cast it wrong. i'd do the spell mentioned above, but in addition, i'd do a cleansing. it sounds to me your family does magic to some degree, so try to get your family to all do cleansing baths with sea salt.

i'd then do a full house cleansing. you're going to have to wash and clean everything, including furniture [as well as behind] . then open all the windows and doors, and do the cleansing. you should wash your floors with some kind of sea salt brew, i use one with sea salt, rosemary, lemon juice and a bit of cinnamon [but i add cinnamon to everything] use it to wash all your floors, your doorways and windowsills. be sure to visualize white light, so as you clean away the negative, it begins to glow a white/silver. if you have rugs, i sprinkle sea salt and baking soda. [or take it outside to shake out if it's an area rug] finally, get some sage smudge and walk throughout your house wafting the smoke into every corner of your house, you could say a chant, but be sure you visualize your house being protected by white light.

after that, there's charms your family can wear, and some bottle spells to protect your home you should do just to give it an extra kick. personally, i'd do this after Samhain, but that's just me, i avoid all cleansings from October 1 to November 2.
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Re: Dealing with a Hex (Help)
Post # 10
according to what i learned in a certain astral plain hexes can last as long as the one that cast the hex. for i use to use hexing that is one the negative spectrum of energy. but according to what i learned there are a variety of different hexes those that harm and those that heal. so you could use a protective hex over the house that will instantly ground all harmful hexes that some one mite cast on the house. for i have been in hexing art ever sins i was 12 now i am 22 years old.
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