The Goddess Freyja

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The Goddess Freyja
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Freyja is the Norse Goddess of love, beauty, fertility, war, wealth, divination, and magick. She is one of the Goddesses associated with Vanir. She is the daughter of Njord, and twin of Frey. She was married to Od.

She was known as a very beautiful goddess, perhaps even the most beautiful. No man could resist her, especially if she adorned her necklace, the brisingamen, created by four dwarves. She had to spend a night with each of them in return.

Freyja is entitled to the souls of Half of the bravest soldiers, where she invited them to stay at her land, Folksvang. She also was hospitable to their lovers and wives. Freyja is thought to be known as the teacher of Seidhr. She was also the leader of the Valkyries.

Freyja represents female sexuality and the untamed forces of nature. She is depicted as a blonde goddess wearing a Viking helmet and carrying a sword. She rides a chariot pulled by two blue or gray cats given to her by Thor. She also owns Hildisvini, a boar who represents fertility and protection for those going into war, and a cloak (which enables her to turn into a falcon).

Common other names or spellings for her name are Freya, or Freyja.

Herbs, Stones, Animals, etc.

Her sacred animals are the cat, sow, falcon, horse, swan, raven, and hare.

Her sacred stone is Amber.

Herbs that represent Freyja are cowslip, daisy, mistletoe, primrose, and strawberry.


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Re: The Goddess Freyja
Post # 2
I love this Norse Mythology especially about Odin and Thor
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Re: The Goddess Freyja
By: / Knowledgeable
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This thread has been moved to Heathenism from General Info.
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Re: The Goddess Freyja
Post # 4
I'm just going to add a bit more about Frejya because what is posted is only a little bit information.

Frejya is also known as "The fair one" as well as a "Triple Goddess". A Goddess of Fertility, of Wealth, and of one who goes to the underworld (visits the land of the dead) She is patroness to women who attain wisdom, status, and power.

She is famous for her fondness of love, beauty, fertility and fine possessions. Because of the way she acted, wild, she was accused of sleeping with all the Gods and elves, (Which was probably true). But that's not all she has done. Frejya brought Voelva; a seeress and practitioner of seidr; which is old Norse magic, to the attention of the Gods and Humans by extension.

Frejya is Leader of the Valkryie; the valkryie are Demi-goddesses. They are selected upon the noble and dead and bring them to carry on in the realm of Gods, Her home, Sessrumnir. Valkryie have been ordinary women then priestess's and after a valkryie become norns, a great Goddess who weaves fate and history.
She is a Goddess to Voelva's as well as the Valkryie.

Sources are :
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