Hello, Im new to the site

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Hello, Im new to the site
Post # 1
Hello everyone , My name is Karen I'm a mother to two wonderful boys ages 15 and my youngest will be 12 next month, and me "well I'll let you decide what my age is when i finally put some pics up.
I live in the UK in a city called Hull in a Three bed-roomed house with my two boys and two pets, a female cat called storm and a pet mouse called Venus.
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Re: Hello, Im new to the site
Post # 2
Welcome to the site Karen! Nice to meet you. I hope you like it here.
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Re: Hello, Im new to the site
Post # 3
Hello Nekokeyrie it;s very nice to meet you too, were in the world do you hale from , how long have you been practicing I've been practicing for about 5 years although I've been doing more reading than spell work when I first started out i did do a psychic spirit spell then discovered i had 3 live in ghosts which were 2 females by the names of Mary and Edna and 1 male to whom i did not know the name of all i know is that he passed away by falling and hitting his head on the very fire place which i still have in my living-room, so i know that spell worked, Ive also had my tarot card and was told im a very powerful medium but unfortunately im a smoker so it blocks it all out although i tried to quit some years years with help from the patches and while using them i felt as though i was been watched and I've had a bad experience with a nasty what pinned me to my bed and when i tried to call out for my eldest son , nothing came out of my mouth it was scary and i got a priest in to do a blessing and had no problems since then, it would be nice if you could tell me a little about yourself and of your experiences with the craft or other topics ,blessed be karen
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