Weird Dream...

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Weird Dream...
Post # 1
Last night I had a weird dream.. Here it is: The sky was all dark and... I can't remember alot, but we had to collect a certain amount of Gold Dust to keep some person from bringing chaos to the world or something. This person's face was giant and appeared in a mountain nearby ( it's weird cause it was so close and I live in the city ) We got Gold Dust out of people's eyes or after rescuing them or bringing them back to life in their dreams.. I decided to scale the mountain alone and collect gold dust from the face's eyes. As I got closer the mountain suddenly started shaking. I gasped and already knew that my team members hadn't gathered any more dust. The sky turned red and out of fear, I fled the mountain and returned home. As I came my team and family members awaited for me, watching the sky, surprised. Some afraid. I stood in one of the doorways of the home and watched a black moon rise in the sky. All I've said was, "I've failed.. I've failed you all..." as the earth shook- Then I woke up. It didn't scare me, just confused me cause I've never had a dream like this before. I don't understand this at all...
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Re: Weird Dream...
Post # 2
Your Dream talks of wish to be a hero and failure...It means you will be someone of great importance but there is a big chance that you will fail in what you were trying to do,so be careful...
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Re: Weird Dream...
Post # 3
sounds more literal to me you sins some thing bad coming and the gold aka the right energy can stop it and the you have failed is a warning against drawing it from the outside world i wood try to imagine a gold shield around you and your house thick at that i had a dream like that and bam bad stuff happened ok and get your friend to help if there not wiccan they say think keep bringing gold up as much as you can gold
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Re: Weird Dream...
Post # 4

Could just be that, you read, or saw something that triggered your sub-concious. If so, you might not even know what could have caused it. So don't be too hasty to decide if it an omen or not, try to find a happy medium

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