Am i a empath

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Am i a empath
Post # 1
I'm very Emotional, i feel bad when someone i know gets in trouble but i cant help them, This person hates me and for some reason i feel the same dislike for them.. Could i be a empath?
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Re: Am i a empath
Post # 2
You could be an empath but what you are describing is a 'normal' human response to the situations.

An empath is someone who can tap into the emotions of others eg. when someone cuts their knee you will share their pain, when someone is happy you feel happy.

If you were an empath you would not need to ask it is quite unbearable if you don't strengthen you auric field.

Blessed Be.
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Re: Am i a empath
Post # 3
We are all empaths. This is not a special ability or something. We develop it through time, though.
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Re: Am i a empath
Post # 4
Al people are Empath but they don't know how to express it. Some feel more emotions of others on them. Some have active empathy. Some have no active empathy because they do not feel anything about themselve or others. Improving empathy is by showing your emotions to others and accepting their emotions in you would make you more improvement in your Empathy.
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Re: Am i a empath
Post # 5
I think Krnshetty, said it, because he or she presents a theory, and within that theory are set virtues. Well, she or he presented something that is a part of something. Well, it's one of my theories on how receptive talents work. What Krnshetty actually said, can correlate to three things that run in mind. Actually four things, because I watch and have listened to adept or gifted people's stories on how they grew up with their talents, which convey patterns that make up my theory on talents; such as, empathy.

I can explain it like a ceremonial magician would, but that would be too much working, and wrapping.

Listed here. . .

1) You gotta be able to believe in it.
2) You gotta be able to openly express it, with others.
3) You gotta be able to give it attention.
4) You gotta be able to use it at will, if you wish to further develop.

5) Balance can be used in so many ways. Sound body, sound mind; sound spirit.
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Re: Am i a empath
Post # 6
hi, i am an empath, i recently dicovered is possible you are id dont know but do you typically feel overwhelmed or dragged around by others emotions, there are sights that will describe some of the side effects it is up to you to decide
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