Hello! (Plus - Help?)

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Hello! (Plus - Help?)
Post # 1
Hello. ^_^ I am Omen.

I use to have an account on here a long time ago, but I'm glad I'm back! I've been stumbling across all ids of new spells & information. :)

Also, I need some advice...

My sister told me that she put a hex on my dad two years ago - which affected the whole immediate family, including me. Here's a few things I want to know - I need some guidance:

1. Is there a way to break the hex without directing the energies back to the original caster? I mean, as much suffering she had all of us go through, I can't help but feel merciful. She's my sister, after all...

2. Is there a way to store the energies (of the hex) in a physical object? I wouldn't want to cast it back into the universe. ._. I'd rather bury it somewhere secluded.

Also, if anyone has a spell or...anything that would help, please let me know.


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Re: Hello! (Plus - Help?)
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Hey Omen and welcome back to the site.

I'm kind of charting unfamiliar water here as I've never had much experience with curses but from a logistical point of view I can see how it might work. If you're relatively experienced (or at least not brand new) which it sounds to me like you are then it shouldn't be beyond the realms of possibility. If instead of returning the energy back from where it came you can effectively pick it up and give it a new direction then you could Chanel it into an object, metal ones tend to hold energy rather well I believe. You could probably write or adapt a spell for this or approach it from an energy manipulation point of view, which ever works best for you. Someone else may be able to help you a bit more than me but at the very least I can try and get the metaphorical ball rolling. :)
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Re: Hello! (Plus - Help?)
Post # 3
Thank you for sharing your advice! :)
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