Purifying fire

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Purifying fire
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No one is free of negativity..... It is a basic fact we all live with. Sometime our habits causes more negativity on us though.These habits can be of you smoking or you spend to much money or you have a habit of letting your anger blow up on others. Perhaps you drive to fast. Their are a lot of reasons you may find that you have a negative habit. You can do this meditation if you are trying or still doing your bad habit. This meditation uses visualizing to help overcome your negative habits.

If you know you have a bad habit that effects you mental, emotional, physically or even spiritual health.... This meditation will help you start anew.

What can come out of this meditation-
Helps you identify how you are harming yourself.
Encourages you to let go of shame and guilt
Also helps supports yourself into taking better care of yourself.

Healing is not just for a physical illness. This will help with you if you are struggling with negative habits.

I use a candle for this exercise.. if you wish to build a fire make sure it is in a safety area. Write down your negative habits you have had in the past or present. Then write down what you feeling about that makes you feel shameful. Or your own regrets.

Have your fire ready and make sure it is safe and will not catch anything on fire. Sit on your meditation cushion if you have one.
Read your list. Review all the things you written down. Some list can take a few pages or simple be one small line.

Visualize your higher power in any form you like. Express your regret for indulging into these negative habits that you have done. Ask for help in your life. To do more positive and constructive ways.

Feel your higher power's love acceptance of you and you are.

Now place your list into the list and watch it slowly burn. As you see it burn visualize your negative habits leaving you.

Let go of the shame by mentally giving it to the fire to be purified.

And commit yourself to living a more positive life.

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