werewolf existence

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> werewolf existence
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werewolf existence
Post # 1
Do werewolves actually exist? Can you transform into them?

Re: werewolf existence
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
No, and no.

Re: werewolf existence
By: / Novice
Post # 3
No werewolves do not exist. No human can change their body into that of a wolf any other animal or anywhere in between. There are people that take the shape of a wolf on the astral plane and refer to themselves as werewolves but they are not physical werewolves by any means.

Re: werewolf existence
Post # 4
So there is no proof whatsoever of the existence. And why are there werewolf spells on this site then?

Re: werewolf existence
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Read all the other threads regarding this and you'll get the same answer: anyone in a council position can add a spell (some covens promote anyone to council) and the spells are not moderated. Don't trust what you read on the Internet.

Re: werewolf existence
By: / Novice
Post # 6
werewolves are apparently astral beings, and there are people who have animal spirits that do consider themselves werebeasts, but actual physical transformation like in the myths, no. i've heard though in the astral those with an animal spirit will appear as that animal, but i'm not one so i don't know.

there are so many 'change into werewolf' and similar spells because any coven member who is ranked in the council can post spells without anyone saying yes or no first. normally you reach the ranking when you've proven your intelligence in the coven, but sometimes people just automatically put a person in the council [spell casters] or maybe their friends with the coven leader. back when anyone could start a coven this was a big reason for the non-working spells. only Pet can remove these spells, and he runs the whole site, he's does far more fixing glitches and programming than taken down spells. i guess he hopes we're smart enough to know it won't work, and nice enough to help those who don't.

Re: werewolf existence
Post # 7

I agree with what people said about addition of spells here.This is really sad to see how people actually make other members to believe that there is actually a mythical creature that is called a werewolf. It is even sadder to see how much false and fantasy spells they post at magic communities to get pleasure and fun.
I have observed the forums recently and this was not hard to understand that such fluffy threads are popular and really visible.

So I will make this clear for once, and I hope that people will fully read this.

So let me tell all of the people who try to contribute any false information whatever the reason is :
You can't turn yourself to a werewolf or change anything about the physical appearance or change genes and DNA.

~ Why isn't it possible ? ~

While casting spells the practitioner channels and manipulates energy to get his / her desire ( the practitioner may choose to do more optional things such as adding to the formula ritual supplies and tools, circles, colors, planetary hours and days, etc). But basically you can see that the practitioner manipulates energy and sends it to the universe or to another object.

It is know that simple energy manipulation and channeling will not get you any physical change. Energy is something that will not effect you genes and your DNA. That's not really how it works.

Also do not forget that the thread is talking about werewolves and not other physical changes that may be done by operations.
As I said you cannot give yourself any physical change of your body, and also you cannot change your DNA, genes and hormonal process by energy manipulation.
The thing that makes it even more impossible is that werewolves do not even exist here. They are just mythical creatures which are told in stories. But this is only fantasy stories, not reality. You need to realize what the difference is between fantasy and reality. You can join a magic site but it does not make everything to be a reality.

So If it is known that energy manipulation will not change your physical appearance, your DNA, genes or hormonal process, it is obvious that it will not turn you to anything that does not even exist but in fantasy stories.

And even if you are talking about being ' boron' one, then yiu probably have to read the paragraph about tihngs that do not exist.

You were born human and will always be one.

Re: werewolf existence
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
Do you know the meaning of the word "FANTASY" ? All those spells about werewolf, mermaids spells are in Fantasy spells section!!! Just pay attention to that. If those spells are in fantasy spells section, what does it mean??? It MEANS, spells are just a fantasy. Please use sense and read carefully. Blessed be

Re: werewolf existence
Post # 9
All of those trick nd fantasy spells are for fluffies to to mess around to help prevent them from putting them in with the real spells. It doesnt really work though. Some people will just put their spells wherever even in the wrong categories so you will find some fake spells in the good sections and some real spells in the fke sections. When your in the trick and fantasy spells just assume their all fake and some fluffies put thier spells in the wrong places on purpose. It sucks and its misleading but their isnt much we can do.

Re: werewolf existence
By: / Beginner
Post # 10
A "real" qualified practitioner usually will not share own spells in public. They believe that each practitioner can do own. Who is usually reading this spells? I guess people who see "magic" as a first aid box to fix banal issues and didn't read even basics. Person who ever tried to learn basics - will not look at this spells and will have a enough sense to recognize fluff spells.

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