Spell of reciept

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Spell of reciept
Post # 1
Tools: Faith and belief
(Optional) 2 White candles (For enlightened strength of pureness energy)

Spell of reciept
- To get the response of deserved from acomplishments
- To feel graduated in the something you have done/gained

Read below and open your energies.

I have done the deed and so it be that all to look are to concede, watch it, like it, and now you see when hard is done it is to be, let spirits flow to gain respect unto a certainty people are relectant to check, it's set, unfold thy eyes unto the barren, now filled with joy about people staring, and so it has been done, no longer cold unto the sun, eyes clutter and like (on) butterflies, we have the power, no longer lies, uncultified from desire, your faith is now a burning fire, your friends unfold and so you are told that you are the greatest to ever have hold, like a sword your weapon to fight for cause of endless tenant, you battle your foes with striken power known, all to enclose on your force flows, the end, a reciept for the memory of cold, listen as written and
soon you will find when no one left you are of kind, your secrets shown you do not bow, your power equal to those who now follow the truth and care about, lies unspoken there is no doubt, watch them cry with blue eyes, eyes of brown are for mankind, listen closely, soft you'll speak, the great untold is yours to keep, reciept be done unto their eyes, now fold your cards, game is a demise.
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Re: Spell of reciept
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
So this is kind of an external validation spell? :(
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Re: Spell of reciept
Post # 3
Yes, the energies will carry your noticibility level up.
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Re: Spell of reciept
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
If being "noticed" is important to you then do things to bring yourself into the spotlight. Join groups such as theater, singing and band in which you will be on stage. The best way to be noticed is to be warm and friendly, outgoing and charming. Speak intelligently with maturity and common sense. Be polite, helpful, generous and considerate. The spell itself is unfortunatley not well written. Blessings....
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Re: Spell of reciept
Post # 5
Regardless of how you think the spell is written I have personally found it works when you deserve acknowledgement.
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