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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Egyptolism

Post # 1
Hey all, so I've been getting quite a few messages regarding me religion, so I thought I'd post it here.

Well it's a semi-secret, rather unheard of religion.
Basically, we believe that God created our planet, the 7th with life. He put cells in the water. These cells created every living thing. He created the Ancient Egyptian gods as this planets guardians. He came to us as Jesus, and we killed him. So he left our planet. God has left us, so we pray to the guardians he gave us.

When you die, your spirit goes through the trials.
The beginning is a jumping course (Fitness)
If you fail, your memory is wiped and your soul is reincarnated in another body. Next is the hall of fears. You must face all your fears (bravery) Same punishment as above for failure. Finally, Set questions you. Same punishment as above if you fail (honesty)
Finally, Osiris weighs your life. If you were bad, your soul is sent eternally to the underworld. If you manage to pass ALL this, you get into Heaven. Only the perfect people get into Heaven.

The werewolf is considered Osiris' gift. A werewolf is the result of a soul that was given access to the overworld again. If you become a werewolf via ritual, you pledge yourself to Osiris, meaning you will serve a ''jail sentence'' if you will in the Underworld, before you can go to Heaven.

We believe that spells strengthen ones spirit, so we do spells (Mainly healing and love spells).

If you have any questions about my religion that were not explained, message me :)
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Re: Egyptolism
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Personally to me it sounds like a Bad mix of Christianity, Spiritual Transformation and the Egyptian belief system
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Re: Egyptolism
Post # 3
Very interesting, but what exactly do you mean by "the perfect people go to heaven"? The ones that have been benevolent all their lives? No one is perfect. There may be some people who act malevolent sometimes even when they are very kind most of the times. You should clarify that so I can get a clear picture of what "perfect" means when you are going to heaven.
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Re: Egyptolism
Post # 4
It seems to me nothing more than a mixture of christian beliefs tossed up with egyptian culture..and it does not seem like a logical toss up in the least.

Would you mind linking me to some sources? I looked on the internet and just found one youtube video , your thread on this site and some news blog with part of the word "Egyptolism" in it's link.

There dosen't seem to be a decent amount of links or sources online to describe this and tell us more about this religion..Heck , there are none at all except for your thread on the site..=/

But i suppose i have got a few questions for you regarding your religion

-Where does it originate?
-Who founded the religion?
-Who was it's creator?

I also would appreciate having some more information about this religion as a whole and a few more details..perhaps you could recommend me a book , any historical sources or sites , it would be greatly appreciated.
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