Site Failure to Open

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Site Failure to Open
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I have been getting this issue for some time now and I can't seem to solve it. Basically when I open the site with firefox or internet explore it only loads up to the upper part of the site (the Spells of logo) and never gets past it. I cleaned my computer of spyware and viruses of all kind with different types of programs and the site still fails to load. Also it is only infecting this URL.

Any ideas of what could have caused this or how to cure it?
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Re: Site Failure to Open
Post # 2

Use Chrome bro. It is great. Saves your settings and has a built in spellcheck.

Google Chrome

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Re: Site Failure to Open
Post # 3
although google chrome is amazing theres still alot of bugs do you ever try to refresh the page? just a suggestion
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Re: Site Failure to Open
Post # 4
I'm curious, do you use wifi to connect?
If, so, on when you open the icon at the right
of your computer (the one for finding out where
the wifi connections available are) there should
be a reading of how much they have there.

It should read like this:

Your computer name 11G None WPS 100% 00:MM:GG:...

So, what you would need to look at is: channel G's, if you don't have above 6G's it's off and on with memory to fill that page
with the graphics or the signal percentage is low. Both these things can lower the page refreshing html loading.

So, I'm curious, if, you have wifi. I steel like the best of them the WIFI of unprotected libraries, companies and unsuspecting users (hehe). So, I've had the same problem with
low channel G's and low signal. If I manage to find a connection
to higher groups, it works like a charm. Not sure if that is your issue. But, it was mine.

Hope that helps, mon amie.
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Re: Site Failure to Open
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Google Chrome is not for me and besides it started in Firefox than later moved to Internet explorer.

I have tried to refresh the page and when I do it shows the site but than goes back to the blank screen with the logo.

Sadly, the site works on my computer and it does have WiFi. It seems like something is blocking me from accessing the site on my computer but when I use a special program that blocks my IP address and gives a new IP address it works just fine (which is how I am on the site still).

I am just wondering if there is a way to fix it or if someone has this same issue.
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Re: Site Failure to Open
By: / Novice
Post # 6
i use firefox, and i don't get that error. [not gonna argue web borwsers, get enough 'crome rocks' arguments in real life] not sure what it could be, maybe there's something up with your internet provider? after cleaning out the computer, and doing updates it should be gone. if not, maybe Pet's doing something with the site.
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