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AP questions
Post # 1
Can you die in the astral world?

Do you talk by thinking?

Can you breathe? Or do any regular body movements.

Whatever you think of becomes real? Like, anything. If I imagined a pie, jt would appear?

Can you alter the real world when in the astral plane?

Can you see dead people?

Can you talk to other people?

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Re: AP questions
Post # 2
You cannot die, nor can anything harm you.

At first you will try to speak normally although this is not needed.

There is no need to breathe since in the astral you're a point of consciousness, nor do you have any body parts.

Anything you imagine will appear but will melt and seem very odd.

No you cannot.

You can see dead people and entities etc.

yes you can.

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Re: AP questions
Post # 3
There is a "thread" connecting your astral body to your physical body and when the thread is severed , you simply disconnect from your physical body and you die..however , do not worry. The thread cannot be severed easily .

As for your second question , you do not breathe in the astral..The astral body is one of your non physical bodies and does not require air. You can also perform regular body movements. However , certain limitations you have are gone , such as in the astral plane , you can spontaneously manifest to a area , transform and fly.

The astral plane is extremely close to the physical world and even overlaps the phsycial. Hence , some thoughts and constructs you create such as servitators first resides there. Hence , if you imagined a pie or of some sort , it will appear yes , however , it will fade eventually..and so , it is not really "real"

You cannot alter the world in a sense where you can effortlessly turn on the television or touch objects or perhaps even wreck somebodies house (in case that was what you were thinking of XD), however , you can lower your vibrational state so that you are more "dense" and can be more easily sensed by physical beings. If low enough , you can have the ability to touch objects and to a extremely limited degree , move them.
Take note however , that if your vibrational state gets too low , you will automatically snap back into your physcial body. It is something tricky to perform , as it is hard to control your state to such a degree which is low enough to make you more "sensable" but not snapping back into your physcial body at the same time

As to your next question , yes , you can see spirits and other non physical entities when you astral project out of your physical body

You can talk to other non physical entities i suppose , but not physical people unless they are more "spiritually aware".
Also , you tend to encounter entities with a similar vibrational level such as yours , so if your vibrational levels are higher , you will be less likely to run to lower vibrational beings , though i suppose you can intentionally seek them out
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