Sorceress vs witch?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Sorceress vs witch?

Sorceress vs witch?
Post # 1
Please excuse my ignorance here but what is the difference between a witch and a sorceress?

Thanks for any replies :)
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Re: Sorceress vs witch?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
It's really just whatever you would like to call yourself. Many people now like the term witch better, just because it's so commonly used. I do know a few people who like being called sorceresses though. It's all about what you like to call yourself, as I'm pretty sure they mean the same thing.

Love, light, and blessings! )O(
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Re: Sorceress vs witch?
Post # 3
Ahhh thanks lol
I always thought the Sorceress was supposed to be...a female version of a I know male witches apparently get very offended with being confused with the warlock title :)

Thanks anyway ;)

Blessed be xxx )O( xxx
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Re: Sorceress vs witch?
Post # 4
Witches call upon deities, mostly Goddesses, from which they derive some or all of their power from in the form of spells, incantations, rituals, divination, summoning, charms, and potions. Some exceptionally good white witches may also on occasion call upon Angels for power as well. Advanced witches can build up power within, especially when favored by a Goddess.

Sorcerers utilize a Staff to focus their maximum mystical powers although they have power without it. Sorcery is the ultimate manipulation of magical energies that accesses the true source of magic itself. The power of our own pure thought, trapped within our supposedly physical brain,
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Re: Sorceress vs witch?
Post # 5
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Re: Sorceress vs witch?
Post # 6

Sorceress and witch are just names for practitioners of magick. I prefer practitioner, others may prefer witch, sorceress, etc.

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Re: Sorceress vs witch?
Post # 7
I always say that the title does not matter, and of course that it doesn't make us who we are. Titles only 'manufacture' impression and opinion from first sight.

A witch (you can grant it whatever term you want) is everyone who practices or specializes in magic(k) and performs the arts.
You can call yourself witch, magic practitioner, sorceress, etc. It won't change what you do or substitute with anything else. For example, if you call yourself a witch instead of a magic practitioner, this will not give you any recompense. This will be a simple transfiguration of a title. The titles define the same thing, thus you can feel free to grant yourself different names as you like and perform magic(k)s regulary. ;)
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Re: Sorceress vs witch?
By: / Novice
Post # 8

sorcery Systems of magic , divi nation and spell-ca sting.
The distinction between sorcery and witchcraft is
often murky. Both have been nearly universal throughout
history and have been defined with different shades
of meaning. In many cases, the terms sorcery and witchcraft
have been used interchangeably. During the witch
hysteria in Europe, however, witchcraft was regarded as
different from sorcery.
The word sorcery comes from the French sors, for
spell, and refers to the casting of spells or the use
of charms to influence love, fertility, luck, health and
wealth. The French word for witch is sorcier. In many
societies, the assumption is made that spells have an evil
purpose and that sorcerers cast spells against others for
whom they have an unjustified hatred. Conversely, sorcery
provides protection against other sorcery. Counter-
sorcerers, witch doctors or medicine men may be
sought out to cast protective spells against the evil spells
of other sorcerers, or to break evil spells.
Sorcery fulfills various needs in society, such as protecting
people and livestock against disaster, outsiders
and enemies; redressing wrongs and meting out justice;
controlling the environment; and explaining frightening
Sorcery is low magic : it is not a set of beliefs, like high
magic, but is mechanistic and intuitive.

The Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft, Second Edition by Rosemary Ellen Guiley page 325,
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