Can We Test Lying Spirits

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Can We Test Lying Spirits
Post # 1
Hey there you guys. I am trying to see if there is a way to prove if a spirit is truly a good one or not. I at this time am using a pendulum board and I might get an ouija board soon, in which I will use magick circles and the white light to protect myself while using it. But I have been told that asking a spirit these four questions will prove rather if it's a good spirit or a bad one... !. Are you of the light? 2. Do you love the light? 3. Are you of the Holy Spirit? 4. Do you love the Holy Spirit?... From what I have been told, a bad spirt/demon can NOT say yes to any of these questions and so far any bad spirit I have met has NEVER said yes to them. Would you agree that this is an accurate method of proving a spirit's intentions?? However I have only applied this to my pendulum board at this time. I am wondering if this same spiritual testing technique could be applied when using an ouija board as well? Someone please help! Thank you!
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Re: Can We Test Lying Spirits
Post # 2

I wouldn't say that would be to accurate for I've never heard that spirits have to tell the truth.

Also, those questions are a tad religious with the Holy spirit and all. Not everyone believes in the Holy Spirit so that will already change some of your answers.

If I was a spirit I would probably only answer Yes to the first 2 and then No to the rest because I personally do no believe in the Holy Spirit but that wouldn't make me a "dark" spirit or a demon.

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Re: Can We Test Lying Spirits
By: / Novice
Post # 3
you can only tell if a spirit is lying if you know the spirit. if you want to protect yourself from demons and evil, cast a circle, or specify you only want good spirits. this normally keeps negative spirits away. does this mean you've called spirits who won't lie? no. good spirits can also lie. you could ask them something they don't want to talk about or don't know the answer to, feeling worried you'll stop talking to them, they'll lie.

or the spirit likes playing games. the spirit's not evil in this case either, they're bored, or that's just who they are. i've dealt with many spirits, Rori doesn't really want me to know him, so he'll lie and say things to see what my reaction will be. i've known him for so long, i know when he's lying.

personally, i don't know of any way you can get a spirit to only tell the truth. there are tells, like with anyone, to figure out what kind of spirit it is, or if it's lying, but for it to only speak the truth, no clue. and in regards to those questions, i've never met anyone [living or dead] who would answer yes to all three. only one spirit i've met would answer yes to loving the Holy Spirit, because she was catholic. being of the Holy Spirit, i think not.

i'd stick to the pendulum, and avoid the Ouija until you've had a few years experience with spirits. it's not evil, but the board is dangerous. it acts as a type of spiritual magnet, good or bad, they're drawn to it. the circle will keep the 'bad' ones out, but there's a problem with that as well from what i've seen. Rori can't get through the circle, so we have to wait for him to enter before we can close the circle. he's not evil, he's just not pure good either. he's kind of in the middle, like everyone really. keep in mind, there's spirits wandering outside the circle as a result of the boards use, so when opened, you'll have other spirits. one Samhain we kept opening and closing the circle because of how draining using the board is, as a result, any spirit would stand where we kept casting the circle. so we spoke with many different spirits that night.
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Re: Can We Test Lying Spirits
Post # 4
Very good advice. Well so far every good spirit I have met answers "YES" to all questions and every bad spirit answers "NO". As for the ouija board, I have been reading that if you cast a magick circle around the board specifying that ONLY the spirit you call upon may enter the physical realm will be the only one who can be there. From what I have been told the ouija board creates a vortex from the spiritual realm that allows the spirit to have the energy to be in the physical realm whereas the pendulum board acts as a telephone to the spirit realm only letting the spirit talk to you through the board in the physical realm despite it not physically being there. So I have been reading if I cast a magick circle using protective white light that it will only allow the vortex from the spirit realm to be inside the circle and anything evil will not be allowed near the white light and no spirit good or evil will be able to exit the circle, kind of like a spiritual cage if you will. I will also be using salt and sage at times and my guardian angels which a three VERY strong valkerie angels. I also read that it is very wise to know who the spirit is that you are trying to talk to rather than trying to talk to a random one. I am just sick of using my pendulum board because you have to use intuition and if your mind slips the pendulum can deceive you and it would be much easier for me to get accurate answers from an ouija board to where the spirit can say what it needs to say rather my mind slips or not. I will mainly be talking to my spirit guides if anything. Just let me know what you think of all this. Thank you!
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Re: Can We Test Lying Spirits
Post # 5
Also as far as the Holy Spirit goes, from what I understand there is really a Holy Spirit and he stands for all that is truth and justice and he works with all paths not just Christianity but as well as the Occult, even Hinduism, Buddhism, and etc. atleast from my understanding there is a Holy Spirit that exists in the astral planes.
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Re: Can We Test Lying Spirits
Post # 6

If your concerned about "Good" and "Evil" just remember that everything depends on your perspective. Do the followers of terrorists think that killing people for their cause is evil? Probally not. So I would suggest that instead of getting caught up in all these special things to do to that say they'll prevent evil, just do whatever comes naturally to you because again it depends on what you think is "good" or "evil."

It's good that your casting a protective circle with salt, maybe add candles/incense/crystals if you feel you need more protection.

If you are having trouble useing a pendulum then you could try using quartz and amythest as they are crystals that help with your 3rd eye.

I agree with Nekoshema, there really isn't a good way to tell if spirits are lying since they aren't bound to any rules like that in the spirit realm. So that would make sense to call upon a spirit you know since you would be able to tell it they were lying easier.

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