A dark side?

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A dark side?
Post # 1
When dealing with magic, you are dealing with nature, right? So you are dealing with the manipulation of energy around you. If you are doing a spell to help someone, for example an alcoholic, would you have to acknowledge the dark side of nature since nature is both cruel and kind? Would you have to acknowledge your dark side and also acknowledge the good side?

Sorry to the people reading this if it sounds stupid, it is just an random thought that I was confused about.
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Re: A dark side?
Post # 2

The way I look at it is, there is no dark or good side. There just is. Evil and good are all based on what you beleive. Do you think that all the religions that were slaughtering thousands of people in the crusades think that they were doing evil? No, but the people being killed thought they were evil.

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Re: A dark side?
Post # 3
so it depends on your perspective and others perspectives
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Re: A dark side?
Post # 4
yes agreed but i think it depends on you if you dont care what others say...
I had a friend i spelled a luck charm and energy shield for him due to his susceptibility to negativities and what he did ?! just kicked me from his life and started saying i was evil.. so now if i take a revenge on him it doesn't make me evil :)
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Re: A dark side?
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
@Merlin, it was your choice to put your spell on your friend and I respect that but I do prefer to do " good" stuff with their permission in order not to be kicked out from their lifes. Mostly spells effects will end in bad trouble if it's done against their Will.

@ Gabriel, there is no evil or good can be in our practices but still we can diffiribtiate it and see if it's to heal or to hurt, so accordingly we can "label" it...hurt means bad intention, heal is good intention. We call it with different names as it suits us but in the end Hurt is a hurt, heal is a heal!
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