Cleansing ritual?

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Cleansing ritual?
Post # 1
Hey guys, so recently my mentor left me, and I haven't really been doing too many spells and rituals, but I've decided that I'd like to do a Seance for Samhain. I'm no longer in a coven, but I do have a couple friends that are interested in making one with me, so as soon as I self-initiate myself to a High Priestess, I'm going to make a coven. Buuuut, no matter what, I do want to speak with a few spirits that I've been itching to get in contact with, so I'm pretty excited about this ritual. I have a big issue though. One of my friends was in the past involved with Satanism. They called upon a demon several times, and I can feel some bad energy still surrounding him. I've tried to come up with a couple of purifying rituals, but I really want to make sure I get him super clean, because I do not want to get involved with any demons, as I've had some issues with bad spirits in the past (Incubus, Succubus, PSI vamps, etc. I don't really count them as demon's, but they're similar I guess). So I was wondering if you could give me a couple ideas for some effective cleansing rituals. I have time to run down to my nearby Pagan store, so if there's any supplies that I need I can get them. I don't have very many supplies, just candles of all colors, 2 different types of incense (one's 4 elements, and the other is a dream/vision one, I forgot the name), a rose quarts pendulum, a tarot deck, quite a bit of hematite, multiple pentagrams, and pretty much any herbs that you can use in cooking xD I have some chalk and sea salt too for the circle if it needs to be outlined. Thanks in advance!
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Re: Cleansing ritual?
Post # 2

Hematite is great for protection, so keep that on hand, or any iron. Salt is also good for protection from unwanted spirits. The incense smoke is known to drive away negative spirits and please the benevolent ones (the "good" ones). Basil and Bay (which you should have) are good to use for protection.

What I would do, is go around the area with the incense (be careful with it) and let the smoke spread around the room, imagining all of the dark, negative energies leaving the area, and positive energies taking it's place. And place the hematite somewhere in the room. I'd prefer to place it on the table where you are working. You may then say a blessing over the area, prayer, etc.

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Re: Cleansing ritual?
Post # 3
Carry a birthstone with you first of all,you can see that on my thread in magic items section...
Second pray to the God for help...
Third as it says in the Holy Books take a bath...
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Re: Cleansing ritual?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
well, if i were you, i'd cleanse the house this week, so you're starting out with positive energy. just to be safe nothing's lurking you don't want. spirits are growing stronger, so basic cleansings would be fine, just specify only good spirits are welcome, and anything that wishes harm is not. there's many different ways to do this, sage smudge probably the most common.

on Samhain, leave a candle in an open window [doesn't have to be fully open, a small crack will do if it's too cold] set some extra seats at dinner, and again, say you only want positive spirits who wish no harm to visit for the night. the next morning, thank them for visiting, and they're welcome back next year, but it's your house, and they're merely guests. this is best done when your other guests are leaving to, so you're not just kicking the spirits out, everyone's going home. on November 2, i'd cleanse and protect your home again, in case anything's lingering you don't want.

now, for protection during the seance, most important, cast a circle, everything good will be inside, all negative outside, unless otherwise specified. since it's your first time [assuming] it's very important to cast the circle. carry a charm with you, could be as simple as a pentacle necklace you said a blessing on. crystals work too, as mentioned above. whatever you go with, i'd spend the next few days leading up to Samhain charging it. also, make sure your friends do the same. i've done spirit work every Samhain since i was 16, never come across a demon, most of the demon haunting i've heard about, people summoned them, known or unknown to them. if you specify spirits only, and nice ones who don't want to hurt you, you should be fine.

one final thing, watch what you say around the spirits. you have to be respectful, unless you know the spirit, you shouldn't talk back to it, use slang, curse at it, and so on. you could end up upsetting it and the spirit could attack you in some way. my friend managed to upset a number of spirits one Samhain, the rest of us spent the rest of the night fixing things. same person [a few years prior] upset a spirit, and she [the spirit] took it upon herself to bring bad luck to my friend. some times it was worse than others, but it didn't stop until she moved away. mostly because my friend's stubborn and refused to say sorry. so watch what you say.
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Re: Cleansing ritual?
Post # 5
I do have both of those herbs, thank you
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Re: Cleansing ritual?
Post # 6
Thank you for the advice, I had it mostly researched on how I was going to do it, but I gained some protective knowledge c: that sucks about your friend though o: I've never pissed a spirit off, and I hope I never do!
Buuuut, I have one question. Can you tell me a bit about charging items? I'm really horrible at it, and I can't find any information at all. My friend knows a bit, but I'm not quite sure what the process is.
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