My spells don't work

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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> My spells don't work
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My spells don't work
Post # 1
I don't no why or what buy somehow if I cast a spel nothing just happens
It's really annoying
Is it because my age my langwitch?
Please help

Re: My spells don't work
Post # 2
if you havent already work on the basics

Alignment of Energy
Centering & Balancing Energy
Raising & Sending Magical Energy
Charging & Empowering
Grounding Energy
Altering Consciousness
Desire & Will
Casting the Circle
Knowing your correspondences and associations-such as astrological signs, planets, moon phases, chakras, auras, candle colors, and their meanings etc.

Re: My spells don't work
Post # 3
Have you allowed enough time for the spells to take effect? Sometimes it may take a while before you see any effects of your spellwork. Also, results may come in ways you may not be thinking about.

Re: My spells don't work
Post # 4
you must learn the basics first especially visualization because it is very important when casting a spell or when you are praying, you must see what you are praying for, dont just read or say the words .

Re: My spells don't work
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
First I have to say to MissJersey.... The following are not any part of the basics...Love, Desire &/or Will. Also wouldn't Altering Consciousness be the same as Meditation? If not the add that to my list of not part of the basics. If your going to post the basics for people please make sure to post them correctly. Thanks

Now as for your spells not working I will agree with MissJersy about you learning the basics if you have not. Another thing could be if you have any hint of self doubt. That will cause them to fail fast.

The basics Tools,Meditation, Visualization, Focus, Moon Phases, Colors, Days, grounding and centering, power flow, Elements, circle casting, Charkas
This link is for the Basics

Re: My spells don't work
Post # 6

I completely agree with what Sue said here ^^

I would also like to add that it depends on what spell you have cast. It's obvious that not every spell will work, some of the spells are real magic spells and some of them are fantasy / fluffy spells. So what you also need to know is which spells are real magic spells, and which spells are not.

Firstly, to make sure that the spell has at least some potential to work, you have to make sure that the spell is a real magick spell that is actually connected to magick and its practices.
Just remember that there are two types of spells:

Real magic spells - These are real magic spells that actually work for the magic practitioner if he/she casts it properly. Such spells will work for you if you know what you are doing, if you are experienced and familiar with the basics, and work better if you will choose to follow some optional traditions like : colors, planetary days and hours, moon phases, ritual tools and supplies, etc. Such spells always worked for me if they were casted properly, since they are magic spells that have potentiaby l to work,. Do not forget that this is about potnetial, and such spells really have it. By saying real magic spells i mean that these are magic spells that can be cated by magic practitioners. Such spells do not include physical changes and DNA changes, or any actual kind of transformation. This is the other sort of spells i am going to talk about.

Fluffy / fantasy spells - Such spells are not real magic spells. The magic practitioner will not be able to get results from them even if he dedicates as much energy as he can, and even if he / she follows all of the traditions and optional things. It means that they have no potential to work. No matter what the magic practitioner tries to do, and how. Such spells include : transofrmation, DNA changes, and other kind of things which can be found only in science fiction movies. You are able to avoid such spells by : personal experience, logic sense and maturity.

This thing is very important. The proper spell has a lot to do with managing to cast the spell, it gives the spell most of its potential to work, as i said.

Also remember to go to the 'tips' section we have here, which gives optional and good tips for casting :

Re: My spells don't work
Post # 7
Thank you all for your help!
I've learned the basics a year ago and didn't province
For a while
But they didn't came up in me!
Thank you very much!

Re: My spells don't work
Post # 8
You Must Believe :)
Magic basics On Powers and Energy Of Your Soul ,,

Just Believe :)

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