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Post # 1
Not too many people on this site are christians. But as you know, the blood moon is coming soon, that will be the start of the coming of jesus. Do not post "This is fake" or any other thing like that unless your a fellow christian cause you have no right to mock ones religion. I looked up, that blood moon, is the start of Jesus's second coming. In 2014, there will be 2 Solar Eclipses and 4 Lunar Eclipses. God said watch for signs of Rapture and a Blood Moon and Black Sun was one of them! He said both will happen on the same day of second coming. Being caught on earth during the Sky God "Jesus" and the Ground King "Satan" fight isnt pretty. I suggest praying for redemption! Blood Moon's happen but not 4 in a row!

Re: Rapture
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
I guess I will never understand why some people feel the need to get defensive when making posts. If you are afraid of negative posts then maybe do not post. Everyone has their own opinion and is welcome to share as long as it doesn't start any fights.

Re: Rapture
Post # 3

Well, I herd Jesus coudn't be a decident of David since it's from his father's side not mary's side. If Mary was of the bloodline of David she coudn't have passed it down to Jesus since she wasn't a man. The only thing Mary can give him is his Jewishness but Oh well.

Re: Rapture
Post # 4
The rapture is a theory, or an idea on how all the followers of Jesus will be taken away from the earth, so Christians, true Christians, won't be here when the grace of Yahweh leaves the presence of the world. There is no exact wording about the so called rapture, but I think some of the idea comes out of Matthew.

A blood red moon is actually a sign, in the sky, to let the followers of Christ know when it is time that things will dramatically change. In the bible, Yahweh basically says that he created the stars for one thing, well two things. He didn't create it for holidays. Christians don't celebrate holidays. That is a heathen and a pagan thing, holidays are. Yahweh said he created the stars in the sky so the followers, and for all, to tell the times of the seasons. The second reason why Yahweh made the stars in the sky, so Christians and Jews can look for signs; for example, and in this case: prophecy.

A blood red moon is actually supposed to be a prophecy, with all those other signs. Well, what Satan and His army are supposed to do is basically bring the nations that not of Israel, towards Israel and surround them to the fight. It is said when all else seems lost and impossible, it is said the Son will come down and crush or stop all that oppose Israel, with just His word.

Yeah, it sounds like he tribe of the Lion of Judah (Yahuda) isn't something to mess with. People think Christians' and Jews' higher power is all nice and selfless, but their higher power is all powerful in their respects.

Well, it says in the bible that Yahweh broke the people, then he will come back to not play any games and destroy everyone that isn't and doesn't choose to take Yahweh's side. Well, man was broken when one of the archangels came down to Babylon, to curse man into speaking different languages. That was the broken part, so the second time around all the lost will be crushed. Metaphorically, I don't know. This very verse that I am talking about is exemplified through what is or sounds like a pyramid.

I personally don't remember the verse, but if you were to drop someone on top of a pyramid they would break. Then if you were to drop a pyramid on top of someone, that would crush them. You take a look at a pyramid with the 'all-seeing-eye,' you notice that the very top of the pyramid is incomplete. It is trapezoidal. As a Satanist, I know that trapezoidal shapes are best for housing the sort of energy that I work with, and want to work with. You look at the most haunted houses, in the world, you noticed how the majority of angles, of the house, are trapezoidal.

What do I know, I am just a dreamer. I dream my life away, because I once used to be a Christian. Your higher power may be Yahweh and or Yahshua (Jesus Christ), but it doesn't matter much to me. I am living in a dream of fantasy. I dream of better days, searching for a better way. I don't know nothing, nor exactly heard of, the 'Rapture.' I don't exactly worship the sun, so I wait and watch for the moon. Hey, I am a dreamer. ;)

LOL! Well, actually, when I first got into the craft I had the presence and saw the outline of Jesus try come to me, a couple of times. Then afterwards, many of times. He basically was telling me to come back to Him. Then for a while, I was able to feel the Father, Yahweh, get mad at me. I don't want to speak for the Father, but I think He was and is upset that I am not on His side, especially when He knows that what I speak with my heart and tongue I generally do. It was sort of mind-boggling, because it was an overwhelming feeling, of that man's wrath, upstairs. I may still may have a relationship with that man upstairs, but that doesn't make me a Christian.

You don't have to pretend you don't believe in the bible to say you are not Christian. Demons believe in the bible, so big deal. I believe in the bible, but that still doesn't make me a following Gentile.

What is a classical witch that doesn't know his or her bible, and that doesn't know how to speak and act like a Christian? Save me the born-again experience, because I got a new name, for that I am sure. Hey, it is ironic my church name was, and still is, Peter. . . Peter the Roman. LOL! I still love the Russian Orthodox church, but I don't care for others. I am just a dreamer. Oh my good (German accent), any fervent and responsible Christian will know and say, "Who in the world would give their child the names, Peter of Judas?" Ironic, and dream away.

Re: Rapture
Post # 5
Well thats your opinion and one i disagree with greatly. There are Satanists on this site and you would be respectful to honor their views as well.

Re: Rapture
Post # 6
I do, but satanists know gods real but I don't like bashing religions because everyone has there own opinion. I like researching satanism too. But if you believe in satan, then you know god too.

Re: Rapture
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
What always amazes me with these predictions of the Second Coming is that they go completely against the words of Jesus in the Bible. Jesus said "But of that day and hour knoweth no one, not even the angels of heaven, neither the Son, but the Father only." (Matthew 24:36) So it seems to me that those who choose to set dates for the Second Coming have not read all of the teachings of their own Savior, or they are choosing to ignore what he said.

Re: Rapture
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 8
Well said lark, and I think in the interests of harmony I will lock this thread as it has great potential to become a source of offense to some of our members. Please keep in mind that the spells of magic community is composed of members of many faiths, as well athiests. We must be respectful of others when these apparently unavoidable religious topics arise.

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