curiosity killed the cat

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curiosity killed the cat
Post # 1
I have recently become aware of the presence of several ghosts and demons living in and around my house. I am intune with some of the things that go on, but I'm curiouse about learning more, and developing my powers, for lack of a better word. I guess what I need is a mentor, someone I can talk openly with and someone who is relatively good hearted and mild mannered so's not to influence me in the wrong way. I don't really know what I'm doing. I'm going to attempt to call a spirit in a mirrow tonight, however I am inexpirienced and lacking in dicipline. Maybe there is someone out there that with empathize with where I am at and want to take me under there wing so to speak, just to keep it drama free please respond if you are over 18 only, girls and guys, doesnt matter.
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Re: curiosity killed the cat
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: curiosity killed the cat
Post # 3
Interesting. Of course, excuse me, and I say this with all due respect, you are a Pisces. I think you want answers. Yes, drama free. Lol! Behind every laugh lies some truth. Once ins while, I can sense something strong, and get what 'it'is is doing. Apparently, I have demonic friends that check up on me, every so often. These 'friends' like to come through what I call a portal. If you get yourself tuned in enough, at night, you can actually see gleaming shadows on the wall, coming out of a so called portal. Yes, I have actually been able to see the outline of my very own spirit guide, gleaming on the wall. Some spirits like to present themselves as flashes of light. I had one Pisces friend that was held down by a spirit, then it turned into a group of spirits.

I at one time, played around, when I was just a kid, to say bloody Mary three times while spinning around three times. I happened to look behind me, to see a ghost, on an overcast day; it was a girl. She was dressed in a nice dress, but had no feet. I don't think ibhave felt so scared in my life. More like an adrenaline rush, because I knew what I saw, and jumped in the air to run upstairs to tell my sister. Of course, she didn't care.

If you take the time to get tuned in with orbs, you can see them. I generally can see my spirit guide's orb, when he makes his presence or when I call him.

Are you wanting to make a scrying mirror work or something? Like have a spirit appear through a scrying mirror? Well, it is possible.

The whole thing about the bloody Mary thing has some truth to it, that when I spun around, it goes into that idea, after or at the end of a ritual or a spell, you spin, with the idea that when you spin you are creating and unleashing energy into a vortex. What I just said may be a traditional old time concept. Just how do I know this? Well, I heard it from a traditional heathen.

As a last note, yes, I too see glimpses of ghosts, sometimes tall as Hell shadow people, orbs (black or white) and I possibly sense other things that my guide helps me out, understanding. Generally, when a powerful spirit makes its way, you can generally feel it and hear it. If that be you can hear without hearing.

I have a theory, that when a spirit makes its way into our realm, they generally make a common noise or a crack or creaking sound.
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Re: curiosity killed the cat
Post # 4
Hello. First off I suggest meditation. When re-establishing your psychic skills, it may be at times overwhelming. You need to be able to distinguish your thoughts from another being's. This can be determined usually by the origin of the thought. Did it emerge from previous thoughts or did it just pop into your head? The latter is usually an indicator of psychic activity. Yet, not always the case. Learn discrimination! Know thy self! The ego is a tricky one, and can play with your mind. When developing clairvoyance and clairaudience you must also work with your intuition. Just because one may be clairvoyant, doesn't mean one can't become delusional. Meditating will help you build the concentration necessarily for developing your skills. I also suggest researching chakras/kundalini.

A simple meditation for developing clairvoyance/clairaudience:

Move yourself to a comfortable position, with your spine erect with a straight posture (I like sitting on a cushion, while in lotus position).

Close your eyes (blind fold is better).

Begin a mindfulness meditation (quiet your mind, release any thoughts that pop up), while focusing on the breath.

As you breathe, commentate on the breathing in your mind ("Breath in. Breath out.")

AUM (condensed to OM) is the primordial sound, the sound which all sounds originate. It is the sound of two things not hitting. It represent the spiritual reality. AUM in itself is a mantra, and its condensed form "OM" is at the start of many mantras in both Hinduism and Buddhism. AUM represents the trinity of the physical, mental. amd spiritual bodies; waking consciousness, dream consciousness, and transcendental consciousness. AUM is chanted, "Ah-OO-MM". All three parts are chanted for the same amount of time.

Once you have performed your mindfulness meditation for a sufficient time (you should feel relaxed and content), start to chant AUM. The number of AUMs you chant is up to you. The purpose is to consciously link yourself to the divine (although you were never truly separated ;)).

Once you have finished chanting AUM, it is time to sense. Stretch out with your feelings. Feel the room, your surroundings. Know that at your very fundamental nature that you are connected to everything, like a metaphysical spider web.

Now with your eyes still closed, perceive your vision in a loose focus. Notice your entire vision, peripherals and all. Don't focus on a particular part. Watch. Perceive. Be. This should be used at the same time with the mindfulness meditation, and concentration on the breath (commentary not necessary at this step, don't do it).

To sum up, this is how I developed my clairvoyance and clairaudience. What does this exercise do? First, you get in a comfortable position with good posture. This helps with relaxation and energy flow along the spine (research chakras and kundalini). Mindfulness meditation, with concentration on breath quiets and relaxes the mind, allowing the meditator to be more receptive to psychic energies. Chanting AUM, consciously connects you to the divine, the spiritual reality (it is said that chanting OM purifies the mind/body/soul and can lead enlightenment). The "feeling exercise" connects you to your present surroundings, and the beings nearest you. The last part is for becoming more susceptible to psychic phenomena (clairvoyant and clairaudient).

Remember, all people are psychic. It's very natural. BE IN CONTROL OF YOUR EMOTIONS. Entities will feed off them. Show respect to all entities.

Contact me if you have any questions. :)

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