Samhain Ritual Ideas

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Samhain Ritual Ideas
Post # 1
Does anybody know any good Samhain rituals or spells that require little or no objects? I don't have that much access to materials and such so any ideas or comments be great. Thank you and blessed be.
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Re: Samhain Ritual Ideas
Post # 2

You could cook a dinner. You probally already have all the supplies to cook so now just go buy some ingredients, do a little bit of magical cooking (chant/say spells while cooking), then do a quick ritual/prayer before you eat.

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Re: Samhain Ritual Ideas
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
You can have a dumb supper or honor your ancestors. Another idea is at the night just light a candle to guide the dead or leave an apple for an offering.
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Re: Samhain Ritual Ideas
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
KTS wrote a lovely post on this in another of our forums which i shall just cut and paste. You may also add photos and items that belonged to those who have passed when you set the table.

The best way to bless the dead and help them move on is by having a feast with them. On Samhain (on or around October 31st) you can prepare a meal for you and the deceased persons you wish to bless. Go all out and set the table with a black table cloth, black plates and such, and black candles should be the only light. Serve dishes with apples, late fall vegtables and game if you can find them. You can even make soul cakes if you like. Also you can make it a dumb feast if you like. A dumb feast is when no one speaks, this allows you to better comune with the dead.

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Re: Samhain Ritual Ideas
By: / Novice
Post # 5
what my friends do is have a big meal. set a few extra spots for spirits who are visiting, place a candle in the window to let the spirits know they're welcome. then we have a circle. it's gotten fancier over the years, but the main ones, take some water, place some salt in it, draw a cross on our forehead [representing the direction] and a pentacle over our hearts with the water. then wen have cake and ail [sub with whatever as long as their food and drink] then we speak with the spirits. pendulum, Ouija board, runes, tarot, just talking with the spirits. we also do a lot of meditating and if there's any particular spells needed. in the morning we right on a piece of paper something we wish to change in the new year [get rid of a bad habit, more money, better job, whatever] then burn the paper so they're taken to deity for help.

that's a very basic something. there's some articles here with ceremonies, you could take some of the spoken parts and incorporate it into your circle. there's also a lot of fun games you could play, like apple love deviations, or skrying. it's a night for fun, and a lot of deviation since the spirits are at their strongest.
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