why do i keep coming back

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> why do i keep coming back

why do i keep coming back
Post # 1
hi there.i got a question.ok i have been pagan for a while now in secret but my mom found out and she told me to quite.i try to quite but no matter how hard i try i just keep coming back to it.dose anyone know why
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Re: why do i keep coming back
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: why do i keep coming back
By: / Novice
Post # 3
it's believed if someone's meant to be on this path, they will return. it's the same for someone who's christian, or Muslim, and so on, everyone's different, and certain religions work better. this doesn't make you evil, it just means the pagan path is the right one for you. if your parents don't want you studying, until you turn 18 you need to respect their wishes, but that doesn't mean paganism is only about spell work. you could start a garden, learn about history, take up cooking, there's many skills a pagan needs to know, not magical in any way.
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Re: why do i keep coming back
Post # 4
Your parents can't stop you thinking, meditate when you get the time, create a sacred space and altar within your mind. Sure it's not the same as conducting a ritual on the physical plane but whos to say after a bit of practice that it can't become more effective? Like the person above said learn about history, garden. I researched different religions for a while and picked out the bits I liked to mould my own beliefs, research them online. Research the different beings and try and see if you cannot find one who you connect to.

And I assume you are still young, find out about you, spend time to get to know yourself, watch your though patterns and speech.

It might sound cliche but the greatest 'proverb' is "Know Thyself" Only once you know yourself can you hope to master the forces of the universe. One must start with the microcosm in order to understand and effect the macrocosm.

Blessed Be.
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Re: why do i keep coming back
Post # 5
i have been on this site from last 6 months. I stopped visiting SOM after 2-3 months. After that i was having some problems one by one in my life,i don't know why how this happened,because it never happened to me before. So i thought may be i should get back to this site and here i am. My life is not that much great but its better than before.
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Re: why do i keep coming back
Post # 6
I don't think we choose the path I think the spirit chooses those with a talent for the craft ... I know its personal but what's your success rate with spells don't have to answer and always remember libraries are great places to read most larger ones have lost of magic books and copy machines
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