Is this possible?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Is this possible?

Is this possible?
Post # 1
I already know there isn't but no harm in wondering and asking

Is there a way to change someone's sexual orientation?
I live in Kansas which is a a very gay hating area so being gay isn't exactly fun for me

Its not that I hate it about myself (I like being gay just as much as a heterosexual enjoys that) but my best friend isn't exactly an accepting person and I feel like she hates me for this

She's like the person I'm closest to in the world and I'd hate to lost her over something like this

It's just I kinda dislike this about myself and if there was a way to change this I'd be open to it
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Re: Is this possible?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Sorry no it is not possible. If you "Friend" can't accept you for who and what you are then I would say they are not much of a friend. I am straight but I have many friends that are not and I would not change one thing about them for anything! People should accept you for you! Do Not try to change for anyone love yourself for who you are!
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Re: Is this possible?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
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Re: Is this possible?
Post # 4

I would say that it is possible since your sexuality has to do with your mind and the way you think. Magic can be used to alter that just like how people use magic to break negative habbits and change thier way of thinking.

However, you should be who you are and not try to change that. If your friend hates you then she's not your friend. Try finding other gay people in your area and connecting with them. They will probally be able to help you feel more welcomed and among friends.

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Re: Is this possible?
Post # 5
A lot of people have been 'changed' through psychotherapy from homosexual to heterosexual but at the end of the day that would be denying your instincts and overcoming them with your mind and really just very good brainwashing.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

Live by this rule and things can't go far wrong. Denying yourself of who you are sexually not only could but will lead you into some nasty situations and develop psychological disorders. Sexual repression is what has caused most of the worlds psychological disorders. Be who you are no matter what the consequences and live how you want. I am not homosexual myself so I can't imagine what it must be like living in a bigoted area however hiding who you are isn't going to help you it will hinder you.

Also you dislike yourself? Or is it you dislike yourself because others try to make you feel ashamed?
My friend is gay and I couldn't give a flying monkeys who he chooses to see and love. If the girl is truly your friend she should accept you for who you are and if she is a really good friend she should have already known.
Never hate yourself! Never change yourself to please others, and remember that you have a lot of time on the Earth to live, enjoy yourself in this life while you can, once you are able and old enough move to a different area which is less bigoted.

I apologise for not focusing on the magick just had an opinion outburst moment lol.

Blessed Be.
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Re: Is this possible?
Post # 6
Thanks for all the helpful comments even if they weren't exactly what I came here for they made me feel better
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