Greetings All: I'm New!

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Greetings All: I'm New!
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Hello to all!
Let me quickly introduce myself and explain a little bit about what I wish to achieve.
My name is Luke, I am 25 and live in the UK.
I have had a keen interest in alernative practice since about the age of 5 or so; my mother used to teach me aromatherapy, herbal medicine and introduced me to other practises, such as tarot and runes. As I grew, I became curious about the occult and subsequently have studies as much as I can, along side my own academic studies and university. I have taken an interest, now, in the workings from the Kabalah, Alistair Crowley and the Goetia, but also Reiki and energy healing.
There is literally so many disciplines and areas I am interested in and I am a firm believer that while you may wish to call one thing 'wicca' and another 'satanism', ultimately it is all inter-connected; it all runs along the same lines of energy, it is just a matter of tapping in to it however you wish. In my oppinion, the same as religions.
I have not practised magick, only studied it, and I do not claim to be anything special or have any innate abilities. There have just been too many people telling me I should practise (for a whole range of reasons), that I have something. My only issue at the moment is unlocking it. Once I have done this (if I have something to unlock, that is), I really do want to continue developing skills.
My main reasons for wanting to learn the craft is to heal others, but also to empower myself through knowledge and wisdom that can only come through divine practise.
A very long introductory statement, I know, but I just wanted to let other members know who I am and why my goals are.
If you feel you can help me in any way; point me in the right direction, mentor or offer guidence, I really would appreciate it. I'm just at a loss as to which path I should begin my journey with.
Thank you so much for reading....
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