Keeping secrets

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Keeping secrets
Post # 1

I am new to Wiccan, I have always been drawn to the magical world but just recently really started to really study wicca. The last couple of months I have been doing tons of reading and been a real student of Wicca. I am considering doing my first spell and nervous. My husband would freak if he knew and at the same time I feel like starting out being all secret will just be something to cause a huge void between us. I know this is right for me. I bought a book and it talked about names and that night I had a dream and then the next chapter I read the next day was on Gods and I realized my dream was of one of the Gods. So feel Neptune came to me in my dream to show me he was to be my God to lead me on this first part of my journey. Have others been able to have a good marriage and hide this side of them as well?

Thanks for your input,

Morgana Sunset

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Re: Keeping secrets
Post # 2

Now that your a wiccan, it will be hard to hide the fact forever. It would be better to tell your husband on your terms and be able to slowly take him through the process than him stumbling upon it and then freaking out.

When I told some people in my family about my religious belifes I did it on a wiccan holiday and throughout the day slowly eased them into it. I would suggest you do this on Sahmain, aslo known as Halloween. This will give you around 25 days to prepare beforehand and it's a common holiday already associated with wiccans.

I would start by really getting into the swing of things by decorating your house, bakeing cookies, trick or treating, or whatever with your husband. Then as the excitment in the night cools down start telling him about where Halloween came from; witches. Start going on that subject for a while and explain that witches aren't the terrible green monsters that everyone thinks. Explain what a modern witch belives. If he shows signs of being comfortable with this subject then tell him that your a wiccan, if he isn't then maybe try another time.

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Re: Keeping secrets
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
I am unsure if you are confusing wicca with witchcraft, but if you are newly converted to the wiccan religion ( and wicca is a religion, not to be confused with witchcraft, which many wiccans as well as other faiths practice), then i would think you would want to share with your significant other. To me sharing each others spirituality is an important aspect of any close relationship.
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